The First Artist || Inkwell Prompt

The village was popularly known for their fishing and farming skills until she was born. She was born as the best farmer's daughter and this had made every villager believed that she would take after her father. The day she was born was on a day the fishermen and farmers couldn't find anything to fish out or harvest, it was usually tag as "An abominable day" in the village.

She was believed to be a bad luck to her family and the whole village so no one wanted to make friends with her. She grew up to be very beautiful and talented in just one thing... Creating art works. How she got so talented with such skill became another mystery the villagers were worried about.

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She could sketch out anything she sees even from when she was a child, at first her father scolded her and tried to stop her from drawing but as she grew up with a burning desire to continue her art work, he decided to let her follow her dreams.

She became very popular for her unique skill even to other villages around and it came to a time when she was visited by Aristocrats from other lands to sketch drawings for them. She did everything with joy and refused to take a dim, the joy on their faces was her payment.

She kept increasing her knowledge of the skill until it was time to get married. It was a custom that she must marry a nobody since she was born on a bad day, her bad luck was to go to a bad luck family too. To their surprise, she didn't do anything against her father's wish to marry Willy, the poor stranger in their land. She had once sketched Willy when he was fishing by the river bank but couldn't find any fish.

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She remembered sitting at a far distance to sketch Willy, she felt herself falling in love with him. His sketch turned out to be the most unique and beautiful drawing she had ever done. For some reason, Willy was very different from the other villagers so she was so happy when he came for her hand in marriage.

While the villagers thought they were punishing her for being born as bad luck, she was so happy to go with her new husband to his land. Her father felt heart broken but couldn't do anything to stop the marriage, he allowed her go when he saw that she was happy about the whole thing.

Willy took her with him to his Land and she got a surprise she had never imagined, Willy was to become King in his land but had to search for a wife before he could become a King. Willy's subjects refused to accept her at first because of her weird skills but Willy showed and explained to them what her artworks could be in years to come.

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She was so happy to have someone who was so proud of her skill and someone who kept on defending her, it was the King himself, her husband. After the huge royal wedding, Willy built a beautiful hut for her to keep her sketches whenever she got back from exploring the land, that hut later became the first art gallery built.

Her years of being a Queen became an historical blessing to generations born, children began to learn her skill while some parents gave birth to great artists who took after her and it was acknowledged that she was the first artist on their part of the world. Willy gave her the opportunity to sketch every member of his cabinet in the palace and himself which she did. All her sketches lived on even after she died as the first talented artist.

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