The Celebrity Couple - A Staged Love

Ma'am, it's almost time for your date at Silverman hotel with Derrick... The usual voice of Sandra woke Olivia up.

I honestly can't stop wishing for all this to end soon... Olivia said getting up from her bed with an unhappy face.

The popular artist got ready in her red gown as proposed by her date and she got on her limousine with Sandra who was too busy setting things up with different calls that Olivia was silent until they got to the hotel lounge. The couple smiled at each other happily after hugging tightly.

You always look gorgeous in red, maybe you should release an official video with red wears huh? Derrick suggested still holding Olivia as they walked towards a set table.

I don't think I need a professional advice from you darling, piss off already! Olivia said showing signs that she was getting irritated by his touch.

They sat down opposite each other still on smiles and began to eat their prepared meals while they moved their mouths as if they had so much to discuss about themselves. Derrick would remind her about their reason of doing the staged love whenever Olivia tried to act out of plan and she would stay calm again.

The two were so popular for their professions, an artist and an actor but a rumor got too serious about them that Olivia was a lesbian and Derrick, a gay with a lot of weird proofs... Their management had to set the plan up to get rid of the rumor completely. The two had never liked each other or bothered to be in a relationship but they had to obey their managements.

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How about we go for a stroll since we had a good meal? Derrick proposed for a walk which was obviously a planned proposal.

Olivia couldn't care less, she accepted with a smile and they walked out into the streets, walked for a while and found themselves at a quiet road where the photographer felt was a perfect place to take impressive pictures.

I love your smile, I feel happy just looking at you smile even when I know it's staged... Derrick said with his eyes giving off a different vibe to Olivia.

You look handsome when you smile too, we would definitely look perfect together on screen... Olivia tried to kill the vibe she was getting.

Derrick feeling a bit sad but trying not to show it asked that they call it a day and go back home. He was to take Olivia back home as their social media handles had their date all over, reporters were at their homes waiting to confirm if their date was real. But Derrick wasn't feeling too good to be in the same space with Olivia.

Sandra had to set up a quick plan in getting Olivia inside her home without alerting the reporters waiting for her. Derrick also did same and they slept off with different thoughts in mind.

We were not in love all the while we've going on different dates but right now, I can't help but love her for real... A confession update was spotted on Derrick's twitter page the next morning. He couldn't sleep so he had to confess his feelings to Olivia and their fans.

Olivia couldn't stop smiling at the confession she read when she woke up, she had always wished to have a real relationship regardless of who she would be in one with. They agreed to meet and got together for real hoping that it last and be more happier than it was before.

They became celebrity couple who loved each other for real as soon as their wedding invitation cards were out.


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