The wish of the dead

The wish of a dying person should be respected" he argued. " "the words of the dead should not control the living," another said. It was a back and front argument, inside the community town hall that Saturday morning.

Mr. Lukas in his dying bed had called his children and instructed them to bury him inside his compound. " That place where there is that guava tree, you people should bury me there when am dead," Mr. Lukas said. Even before his sickness began, he had called the local Chief and told him that his dead body should be buried in his compound, not in the graveyard.

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The village of Gauka had passed a law that no one should bury the dead in their compounds again, but only in the graveyard. It was after Mr. Lukas heard this information that he called the local chief and told him of his demand, to which the local Chief did not object. until after the death of Mr. Lukas.

It was a sad Saturday morning for the family of Mr. Lukas, who had passed at 4:am that morning. The people were crying, as he was a kind fellow in that community. The church choir was singing hallelujah songs, in memory of his dedication to the church. He was once the church Catechist.

"The dying wish of Jesus Christ for everyone was to go into the world and preach the gospel, and Mr. Lukas laying dead here had played his part by preaching and going for evangelism, what is left of him here is his memory and instructions for us to keep" the reverend father gave a summon at the funeral.

It was after the summon that the digging of the grave started right in the position where Mr. Lukas had commanded. The ground was soft for the digging and everything was going as planned, that the village elders and youth stormed the compound of Mr. Lukas in their numbers, obstructing the digging and forcefully carrying the corpse of Mr. Lukas to the community town hall.

There was a heated argument in the community town hall that afternoon. Both parties involved were adamant, as none of them compromised their position. Whenever there is an argument that is not resolved, the violence takes it by force. So the village elders and youths took the corpse of Mr. Lukas by force to the graveyard. And they start digging the graveyard, but to their surprise, everywhere in the graveyard becomes rocky, before they can dig three inches into the ground, they will find an underlying rock. They changed different positions, but the results were the same. They were surprised because the graveyard was never rocky before that day. they got so frustrated, that they called Mr. Luka's family to pick their corpse.

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