The will of inheritance.

This is unacceptable, He is an ijaw man and cannot give all his property to an outsider, Emem said while pointing at the man that was seated wearing a suit. The man in the suit is barrister James, a friend of late Mr Preye the father of Emem.
" You are a thief, you think I will allow you to eat my inheritance? You have met the wrong person" emem said yelling at the top of his voice. Mr James has just read to emem the will of his father and that seems not to sit well with him.

After 22 years of marriage without a child, Mr preye's wife became pregnant and bore him a son, which they later named emem, meaning God has wiped away my tears. Emem had the best of everything he ever wanted as an only child. He enjoyed all the luxury he ever wanted. Mr preye noticed emem was becoming a spoilt brat because of the too much pampering he was getting from his mom, he then decided to cut off some privileges he was enjoying, but his mother continued showering him with pampering.

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Emem was just 14 years old when he started hating his father. His unmannered behavior was the constant complaint by his school to his parents. Until he finally stopped going to school. And all efforts by his father to get him back to school did not go well. By the age of 17 he was already engaging in all sorts of vices. This vices eventually led to the death of his mother.

One evening Mrs preye was cooking in the kitchen when she heard her phone ringing in the parlour, she hurriedly left the food she was cooking and rushed to the parlour to answer her call. "Hello, who is on the line? " she asked. " Is this the mother of emem ?" the man at the other end of the phone asked. "Yes, I am," she replied. " Come to the hospital, your son has been shot dead by our men" the man from the other end of the phone said. And immediately she heard that, she collapsed on the floor and was rushed to the hospital and later died from the complication of a heart attack. Mr preye never forgives emem for the death of his wife.

Emem survived the shot he got from the police. And was later released by the police. After some years, Mr preye fell ill and died, but before he died, he wrote a will, willing 90% of all he owned to the orphanage and 10% to Mr James, his lawyer and friend.

Emem could not believe his ears when he learned he was not having anything from his father's property. He resulted in shouting and raising of abuses. " This will not stand, since ijaw culture demands that the first son must inherit the property in which his father died," emem said while pacing around. " A written will supersede every cultural practice of any culture." barrister James said and then gathered the documents that were kept on the table inside his file and left. Emem stood shocked and collapsed into the cushion chair. So I have lost everything he said.

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