The moon light

Ajaokuta is a small village surrounded by mountains. It's a beautiful sight whenever the moon is shining, the joy and excitement in the voices of the 4 years old zainab and Aliyu say it all, as the light of the moon allows them run around their houses playing at night, unlike when the moon was hiding. The joy was not only of the children, but also of kunle and wasiu who uses the moon light to go hunting for the bullfrogs and leopard frogs.

Whenever there was the moon light, Kunle and Wasiu seized the opportunity to always go hunting for the bullfrogs and leopard frogs. It was their side hustle. The bullfrogs and leopard frogs do come out at night to find food just the way kunle and wasiu also do go out to look for meat.

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Wale was not also different from wasiu and kunle. He also uses the moonlight to commit his crime. He was a thief.

The people of ajaokuta have noticed some strange happenings in their farms. Someone was digging their yams. Wale who knew the perfect timing for his crime always wait whenever their was moon light before embarking in his stealing. The moon light provides him the light for digging the yams without the use of touch light that will raise suspicion if the villagers sees the reflection of light at night in their farms.

So, when everyone was happy to see the moon light, he was even happier. His activities continued for a long time without being caught. Every tactic employed by the villagers to catch the thief yielded no result. As wale was ahead of them in their plans.

It was another moonlight, and everyone was happy as usual. Zainab and aliyu were playing in the night in their usual Manner, wasiu and kunle were also ready for their frogs hunting while Wale waited for his perfect timing to scale through the night for his escapade.

Kunle and Wasiu had a bountiful catch that night, on their way back home, they heard some sound like someone was digging something, they walked quietly and slowly toward the direction of the sound. And wale was still busy digging the yams, then there was a sudden flash light on his eye, he wanted to run, but the flash light blinded him and he fell on the yam ridges. Kunle and Wasiu dragged him to the village palace that night. The chief passed the verdict that he should be stripped naked and rubbed ashes while carrying the yams he stole walking around the village. And So they did.

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