The gift wrap.

Her eyes suddenly turned red, she could not believe her eyes. What nonsense is this, she said, and threw the bread at brother James's body, hitting his chest. Brother James stands there watching as she yells at the top of her voice.

Brother James, a quiet gentle man loved by every youth member, Had picked the name of Celina to buy a gift for her for the Christmas Carol, as it was the culture that, at every end of the year, they organize a Carol to have merry for the celebration of the birth of the Messiah and exchange of gift to share in the love of Christ for mankind.

Sister Celina a dedicated youth member. Very punctual to youth meetings, and the only person who often cleans the church chair before Sunday service. " Sister Celina, I heard brother James is the one that picked your name for the exchange of gifts, be ready to collect a tangible gift." sister Hannah said. " Who told you he is the one that picked the name? ``Sister Celina asked as she grinned to have learnt he was the one that picked her name. " I saw the name the day he picked it, " she said indifferently. " Okay I hope so," Celina said.

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In the two previous years, brother James had bought a grinding machine and washing machine for the people he had picked their names for, so it was a silent prayer among the youth members for brother James to pick their names. To sister Celina, it was an answered prayer.

The church was having a wonderful outlook that evening. The chairs arranged forming a circle, with a large space kept in the middle. Hanging in the wall, was a large photograph of Jesus and his disciples eating the last supper at the altar. The song of women of faith echoed from the speakers, keeping the members entertained. A heap of varieties of food and fruits kept at a corner.

Sister Celina could not stop smiling as she stood at the door ushering the members in. And using her left hand to push her spec back to eyes as it was dangling down to her nose. " You are welcome sir" she greeted some couples and touched the baby by the hair as she ordered them in.

The program for the day started as scheduled. The merriment filled the air, as indiscriminate laughter was held from all angles of the church. The eating and drinking of whatever thing the person feels like eating. It came at the time of exchange of gifts. Brother Sam, the coordinator, made jokes and the atmosphere was filled with happiness as members were called to the front in pairs to exchange their gifts to each other. " Sister Celina and brother James should come forth" brother Sam said as he read in the paper he was holding. They both came forth, sister Celina handed a wrap of three boxers to brother James, the congregation clapped while the flash light from a camera reflected in their faces. Brother James also brought out a big loaf of bread from the leather he was holding and stretched his hands toward sister Celina, at the sight of the bread, sister Celina's eye turned red, she could not control her anger. " What nonsense is this? '' she yelled and collected the bread from brother James and threw it at his chest. He stood there speechless and lost of words. The other member rushed to the front and held her telling her to calm down. After the atmosphere was back to its decorum. And sister Celina was now sitting, feeling a bit ashamed of her action after being cautioned by the youth leaders. Brother James requested to be given a mic. " please sister Celina come front here" he requested. She walked to the front with her head bowed, ashamed to look at the faces of the congregation . He handed her the bread again, this time she collected it from him. " the bread you see here is a wrap for the gift, open it." he requested. As she parted the bread into two halves, there was a key to a car. She burst into tears, tears of joy. She fell on her knees crying and asking for forgiveness. The congregation, seeing what has happened, stood up and praised God with beautiful songs.

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