The full moon

Dutse is a village surrounded by mountains. The people had migrated to the place at a time of war because of the advantage the mountains gives to them during that period of war.

In the sixth year, and eight-month of the reign of King Jafah, a mighty kingdom of gobir had mobilized ten thousand armies, armed with swords, arrows, and chariots to attached the small village of Dutse. The king of gobir had learned that the land of Dutse is blessed with crude oil, and since it was a small village with virtually no armies, it will be a walkover to take their land and the oil in it without stress.

On the tenth day of the eighth month, king Jafah had received a warning from The gods to get prepared for war. But first, he should make a sacrifice of two guinea fowl, and he is to perform some rituals that will involve him getting seven parrot eggs, and also seven calabashes. Each of the parrot eggs will be kept inside the calabash and drop on top of the seven mountains surrounding the village. And when they see enemies approaching the village, they should make a fire in the middle of the village, with that, the seven parrot eggs will glow and form a full moon. The fire in the middle of the village should never go off during the period of the war, otherwise, they will lose the war.

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On the twentieth day of the eighth month, a message reached king Jafah that the enemies are approaching the village in their thousands. He mobilized his men in the middle of the village and commanded them to make fire. After he had performed all the rituals that were asked of him. The more the Flame of the fire, the more the moon will become full, and the fullness of the moon means victory to them. What were the conditions?

The dilemma of the villagers was how to keep the fire burning during the period of the war to sustain the fire and their victory. Little did they know the gods wanted to open their eyes to the wealth they were sitting on unknowingly.

How are we going to keep the fire burning with Flame at a season like this? One of the elders asked. We have plenty of firewood, in this village, another elder answered.

As the men went to fetch some of the woods, they realized the intensity of the fire that lighted up when the black oil they have in abundance in most of their wells, that were considered of no use could be used to light up the fire. They had never believed the black oil was a source of fuel, in excitement the ran to the king.
"My king, the Lord has blessed us with the fuel to keep the fire going"
The king looked at them in shock, the only thing they ever used for lighting fire was wood.
"The black oil," they said when they noticed the doubt in the king's face

"The gods have made provision for us," the king said.
Quickly they fetched much of it to keep the fire burning strengthening the illumination of the moon, the stronger the full moon shined, the powerful they became. In a short moment, they won the war against their enemies and made pipes to better convey the oil they have neglected for years not knowing its relevance.

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