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Spiritual husband

Belema the newly wedded wife of kunle has been denying kunle of his conjugal rights two days after they got married. " what is the problem?" kunle asked. "I just don't feel like doing it with you" she replied. "Take your time, until you are ready, I will be patiently waiting until you are ready," kunle said. Thinking it was just normal tiredness and not being in the mood. It became a problem to kunle when it Persist for a month.

It all started a day after their wedding night. Belema had entered the bathroom to take a quick shower before going to bed that she saw a shadow in the bathroom. But thought it could be the shadow of her husband that was passing by. So she raised no alarm. That same night, she saw a shadow at the doorpost to her bedroom, before she could utter a word a sudden cold pierces through her skin to cause her to sleep almost immediately. In her dream, the shadow had sex with her. Later when confessing to the pastor, she said that was the best sex she had ever had.

During Belema's university days, she used to have a boyfriend called Chuks. They were inseparable love Birds. They loved each other. But wanted to seal their love and commitment to each other. They decided to go see a native doctor to seal their love for them. " drink this concussion, it will bonds your spirit and soul together" the native doctor said. They took the concussion from him, it was a red color concussion mixed with some herbs. They drank the concussion one after another. The native doctor also asked them to pierce their thumps and the droplets of blood are poured into the calabash, they did as they were told. The native doctor said some incantation and asked them to drink the blood, they did as they were asked.

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Their love wax even stronger after that. They were together almost all the time. They could even communicate telepathically. Whenever anyone of them was feeling cold the other will be feeling the same thing.

After some years, Chuks had felt sick and die afterward. Belema cried and morn him for two years. She practically stopped living. Until she was offered help by a therapist.

It was in the fourth year after the death of Chuks that she met kunle at a church program. Kunle was an usher at the church, a humble and well-dedicated brother in the church. She fell in love with him after months of wooing her. It was not long, at most six months after she accept to date him, that they got married.

After the night Belema had the first dream of the shadow having sex with her. It became a regular occurrence. On one such night, she was lying on the bed with her husband and facing the ceiling, she saw the shadow again on the ceiling crippling down toward her like a spider before she could utter a word again, she was already sleeping and the shadow had sex with her. In another such occurrence, she was screaming of ecstasy in her dream and her husband who was awake was hearing her morn in ecstasy and try to wake her up but she couldn't wake until she reaches orgasm on the bedsheet.

That was when kunle had a clue of what was happening and the reason behind Belema's refusal to give him sex. " you have been refusing me sex for a month now but having it in a dream with someone, who was the man you were having sex within your dream?" kunle asked with certainly. Belema shocked at the certainly at which he asked the question, decided to open to him all that had been happening to her since the second day after their marriage.

You have a spiritual husband, their pastor said after hearing all that she said. " Every midnight wake up and pray and you are to undergo a week prayer and fasting to Wade off the spirit behind the shadow in your dreams" the pastor instructed them. And he put his hands on their heads and prayed for them.

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