Proposal gone wrong

It's a tradition for the youth fellowship of God's own church to organise love feast for its members every end of the year. There stand Raphael, the youth leader at the front of the church addressing it's members on how the year's love feast is going to be organised.

'Good afternoon youths'
'Good afternoon sir'
' As we all know, the year is coming to an end, and it's our tradition to organise love feast, to feast in love with our members as we share the love of Christ. '
' yes ooo! '
The youths cheers in excitement as this provide an opportunity for them to have fun.
' that is not all, this year venue for the love feast will be at Jabi lake, is that okay by you? '
' that's okay presidoor ' they scream in excitement.
' everyone is going to cook whatever thing that pleases him, preferably your traditional food, that can feed at least five other persons and come along with it to church auditorium before going to the lake'
' OK sir ' the announcement was gladly received by the members.


Raphael is 1.75 metre tall. Slim with long face. Always having a serious look. But a lovely person to be around with. His sense of dressing was odd especially as he was not good with colors. He could wear a green trousers with a red shirt and white shoes. That's how bad it was. That's one thing grace dislike about Raphael. Grace and Raphael have been dating for eight months now. Everything has been going well between them.

It was the 20th of December. The day scheduled for the love feast. It was cloudy, looking like its going to rain, but it was unusual for rain to fall at that time of the year.

' pack up your food and mat into the hilux van, we are running late. ' Raphael said. As the song of Travis Greene's was playing in the hilux van that kept everyone entertained from the church auditorium to the picnic ground.

The mats were lay. Everyone was seated, forming a circle. The opening prayer is said. All programmes on the list were fondly executed. It was now time for item 7 (eating time). Popping of Champaign, dancing, eating different cultural food and drinks, everyone was filled to the brim. The picnic was just everything they envisioned. That was the day the dancing skills of Tanko was exposed as everyone watch in awe as he dance.

The fun was short lifted when Raphael calls everyone's attention back to the mats where they were seated.

' praise the lord, please come back to your seats, I have a special announcement to make ' he said. Everyone was seated, to hear this special announcement that has cut short their fun. ' Grace, please stand. ' he continued . And she did as she was asked to do.

Raphael who was also standing, went on his two kneels, brought out a ring from his pocket, holding it up with his right hand while looking up to Grace.

' will you marry me? ' he asked . Everyone remain silent to hear the respond while Grace stand there looking confused, it took her like a minute to recollect herself.
' Am sorry Raphael ' she said, while shaking her head and ran out .

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