typical of an August rain was the rain that fell that Sunday morning. The down pour has been heavy that night and it was now dropping. The shops were closed and the main street was almost empty. Except for the few people walking to church with their umbrellas. It was 9o'clock a.m .

The overly busy street was now empty. Hallelujah songs were echoing from the speakers of churches. Representing the usual atmosphere of Sunday morning. Omanga the popular mad man remain the only one not minding the dropping of the rain as he walk inside the rain.


Rumor have it that omanga was once a wealthy man, who used to help the poor until he was made mad by his envious brother. It was all a rumor. But there was this peculiar thing about Omanga, he was a multilingual. He speaks Hausa, igbo, Yoruba, tiv, gbagyi , igala and the counting continues. He has been in the community for 11 month now.

Pastor chilema (aka fire jam fire) an anointed man of God. Who rose to fame in the community when he prophesy the fruit of womb for madam pam who has been barren for 19 years and it came to pass. He is loved for his generosity.

'Praiseeeee the lord'
'Hallelujah '
'the lord is good'
' all the time'
Was the ratling from the speakers of good news church for all nation. Pastor Chilema was possess with anointing, prophesying good tiding to his members as he speaks from the alta. The music was becoming louder as the congregation were filled with the spirit .

"Go back Omanga "the usher shouted. Go back! I say go back! The noise was becoming louder that the congregation had to look back to know what was happening. Now omanga was forcefully trying to enter the church. ' Let him enter'
The pastor ordered the usher. It was not long as he was allowed to enter, that men of the state security service (sss) storm the building fully armed.

"You are under arrest" to everyone's amazement the words were coming from omanga's mouth who was now fully kitted with arms. You are Under arrest for the robbery and murder of mr damilo. Before he could finish saying the words pastor chilema drew a gun from his chair and was immediately shot down by one of the sss men.

Omanga is a highly train police detective . Who had received many award in uncovering crimes. He took interest in the chilema's case the day he met the late Mr Damilo's wife at the station as she cried uncontrollably for a help to uncover the killer of her husband.

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