Choose your battle: The inkwell writing prompt #20

"He always does the opposite of what I asked him to do, now he is beginning to follow some boys who sag their trousers and keep cultist hair cut" . She said, as she narrate tunde's recent behaviours to the counselor.

Tunde celebrated his 14 years birthday a week ago, he is smart and intelligent. He is called wizboy among his friends. He is slim, but very daring. He will be the first to woo any beautiful girl that come to his school. The only boy among mama simi's children.

Mama simi is the women leader in her church. She is a disciplinarian. She is loved by almost everyone in the church and the community. Especially as she has been able to raise her three daughters and one son all by herself after her husband abandoned her and her children to go stay abroad.

"The camping is next week Monday Iya (mother) ".
"What camping are you talking about?"
"The one I told you about last week ."
"Ooh yes, that one!"
"Yes! stop sounding this way iya, you promised I will be going."
"I did?"
" Yes you did."


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Mama simi is begining to have a second thought as to whether to allow tunde go for the camping or not. Especially as tunde recent behavior was giving her concern.
"I won't allow him go" she said to the counselor.
"But why Ma?"
"It's personal to me counselor."
"Madam, I will advice you allow this adolescent have his experience. Choose your battle, you have been narrating to me how he make crazy hair cut and sag trousers. This adolescent period is a crisis period in children's life, all the red flag behaviors he is exhibiting now, was once exhibited by you at this same age."

"Counselor, this same camping of a thing shattered my life." Her voice turned sober, "20 years ago, just about the age of tunde, a similar camping was organized by our school. Very excited of it just as tunde is right now. The camp was to be at jos plateau state. Cold weather, beautiful view of trees and mountains and friendly people. We all anticipated seeing all that. Little did I know that will shattered my life forever. It was at that journey that I was brutally raped by Armed bandit that attacked our bus. I got pregnant as a result of that incident that led me dropping out school. And now am a janitor because of that incident. I don't want a repeat of that to my children." she explained, hoping the counsellor will understand.

This revelation had been a secret torture to her life. As she has always been scared to allow her children explore the world and its plenty possibilities.

After proper counseling section, she reluctantly allow tunde go for the camp. He eventually explore his music talent at the camp. And earn recognition to feature in calabar carnival the following month. And he came back home a better boy. His delinquent behavior was put in check as he channel his energy to music and his school with the support of his mom.

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