A ghost is lurking


A ghost is lurking

Sometimes I come across the ghost of a man looking for me in my mind. I remember his wolf fur, my polka dot dress, the blue walls that color his room. We never touch each other and I feel like I don't want that either. I have too little energy for jackal fights, cheap dances and worn-out whispers. Yes, Yes. I don't like to stay in the middle of phrases, days, smiles, or anything else.

The ghost dances in the dark and that excites me. If it came out in the light, it would either be too pale or blind me. And who wants human edges?

The ghost sings to the beat of "The National" and "Radiohead". The ghost tickled me without touching my feet. The ghost is playful and makes me dream. The ghost has the perfect body. The ghost walks like a sunrise that knows how to make you laugh and cry. The ghost knows me better.

Some people have ghost weddings there. Others lock them in the closet. I decided to cancel everything that starts with "if ...".

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