THE UNEXPECTED~The Ink Well Prompt #95 Contest

It's another new Dawn, the sun rays have risen as well, shining blissfully on Mama Nkem hut. She looks stepping out every morning to receive the morning sun as she is very aware it adds vitamins to her body when she doesn't know which of the vitamins.

Mama Nkem is a widow , in her mid 60s who does not embrace familiarity ever since her soul mate left her to journey alone. She felt no one worth staying with. Her two children Nkem is married and is in her husband's house while Nkechi is in the States to acquire her Master's degree.

Mama Nkem is known by villagers to be a generous and lover of children but she is always glued to herself when she is with others. For her "speak when important and maintain silence when there is no need to speak". Everyone already knows her philosophy so they either choose to remain mute with her whenever they are walking in a group or they ignore her and talk among themselves.

Nkem who doesn't know her mother to be that reserved began to get worried, she pleaded and tried to convince her to come stay with them in Lagos but she objected.

On the other hand, Nkechi, who is the second child of her mother, is the most loved by her mother as she always addresses her as "my jewel". For the past few years she has left for external exams outside of her country. She has been so determined and ambitious to make her mother proud. Mama Nkem has been a backbone to her.

Mama Nkem has left for a church meeting. After getting home, just as she was about lifting her pot of soup, something happened.

She shouted and that was the last word she muttered. She laid there for several hours without anyone noticing her predicament. A palm fruit harvester who goes from home to home seeking for ripped ones to harvest got to Mama Nkem's house, saw how the door is wide open.

He called several times and got no response. He wanted to leave with his bicycle but something told him, someone can't leave his or her house open like this if she's not inside. "Lemme peep" , he did and found a soul lying helplessly on the floor. He left out a loud shout which drew the attention of the villagers to the direction of where the voice was heard. They all ran to the scene.

We need to take her to the hospital but before we do that, let's call one of her children and inform them what is going on. Nkem's number was called but wasn't connected, after several attempts to no avail they switched to Nkechi. Nkechi, who was preparing to receive her MA certificate that very day, got the saddest news of her life. When she had her mother's collapse, she became shattered.


At that spot she was blank on what to do and which to leave. It was the last day of her days as a M.A student and as one of the best graduating students, she had to go climb that podium, receive her award and give a speech. She has been waiting for such a moment and just when the moment was at their family doorstep, her mother is down.

She quickly sent an emergency message to the school bodies, booked a flight and rushed back to be with her mother. By the time she got home, the villagers had already taken her to the hospital, although she was still lying lifeless but the doctor assumed her "she will be fine as she needs enough drip to regain lost strength".

Nkechi sat at the edge of the bed weeping and praying. At the same time thinking of many things "after all my mother's effort and mine to attain this level, just at the last minute you are lying on a hospital bed". You are one reason behind my driving ambition to attain this height. Please don't leave me without eating the fruit of your labor.

Then her phone rang, it was her sister Nkem calling.
"Hi sis, mummy is lying lifelessly here, I just got back from the state today. The villagers said they called you several but your number wasn't connecting".

"No, I felt something strange today so this is the omen!!" Tears rolled down her eyes.

"Sis, the doctor assured she will be fine, let's pray for her with faith".

"I will be home tomorrow as early as possible. My line that the villager had isn't reachable again as my phone was stolen a month ago".

After several hours, Mama Nkem finally blinked and saw Nkechi sitting at the edge of a hospital bed. "How did I get here and my jewel, what are we doing here".

" Mummy, I am happy you are awake, you blackout for hours and I got a call from villagers saying I had to leave the State for home".

After days in the hospital for her full recovery, Nkem returned to see her mother. She felt happy she had kids and villagers that ran to her rescue. After the incident, she began to familiarize with others as she felt massive love from them.
Nkem's husband's relative implored to come stay with Nkem's mother, to which she agreed with all happiness.

Nkem went back to Lagos to be with her family while Nkechi went back to the State, got her certificate although she was unavailable to make a speech but she had lots of job offers awaiting her. She chose the most favorable and began working. She started sending monthly allowance to her mother, after some months, she began building a house for her mother and promised to take her to the State to experience the peacefulness of a new location.

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