The March Event -The Ink Well Prompt #84 Contest

What makes a day the most memorable? Everyone has a different answers to a memorable day.
23rd March has always been that month everyone can't afford to forget. Relatives, friends, well wishes were all coming one after the other to present a gift pack to the sweet sixteen celebrant.

Anne is a little girl aged 15 going to 16 years on 23rd March. Being a very vocal and jovial girl, everyone in the neighborhood loves her for that.

Every 23rd March of the year usually turns out to be the most fun day and this birthday won't be left out. Anne's mum already called event planners who gave her an estimate of what the birthday party event budget will cost. On the Eve day, everything was set.


It was D day of the celebration, the decorators did a beautiful fairytale decoration with Anne's name and age boldly inscribed with ribbons. Anne, beautifully dressed in her mermaid gown, stepped out looking beautiful with a huge smile on my face.

Just when the event was about to kick off, the cloud became very dark like it's going to pour out heavy rain. Just as everyone was hoping and praying that it shouldn't rain, it started pouring heavily. Anne felt so sad but regardless that didn't stop the event. Canopies available helped prevent the rain from drenching the celebrant and her well wishers. The celebration started with the MC introducing Anne the celebrant and her mum. After that, other activities followed until it was time to present gift items.

Lots of friends, relatives and well wishes came with home made cakes wrapped up in aluminum foil. Aside from cakes, she got other amazing presents and the three tier layers of cake baked and decorated by her mum as one of her presents for her with a gift pack box with lots of goodies. After the presentation of the gift, there was lots of dancing, gaming and finally the cake was cut and shared with item 7 attached to it.

Anne, whose favorite cake is Chocolate flavor, already had a lot to eat. The next day, she took some to school to share with her friends who due to far distances couldn't grace the celebration but sent messages, calls and presents.

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