The Ink Well Prompt #59 - Should I Trust Him With My Heart?


The house was empty when Anny opened the door, she let herself in with the spare key Chris gave to her...his housekeeper and Cook had closed for the day and yet Chris is not back from work...

She glanced at the clock and the time is past nine o'clock, " this is the usual time he returns from work, what might be keeping him ?" Anny asks herself. She walked to the kitchen and serve herself a red wine while he wait for him and she was imagining how he will feel if he return to see her in his home, though that's not the first time of coming to Daniel's house but she has not slept over, even when he pleads to make her stay.

"If you say you love me, you'll always want to be around me, what's the problem, Anny?" He said in a calm tone. This happened a month ago when we both went to the beach together, he think I will sleepover, but I turned down his expectation, that doesn't mean I did not love him but trying to be patient...

In years, Anny falls in love for the first time, her affections for Chris become stronger that sometimes she's afraid of the vigor. She hated it because it made her feel helpless and weak and it's was something out of her control. She began to think of many things, she think about the future. " should I trust him with my heart? What if things did not work out between us, what will be my fate? , what if he hurt me and break my heart will I be able to handle the pain of rejection or heartbreak?" Different kind of "what if " was flowing from her mind.

Chris was a well-known man, and he use to mingle with different kinds of high-class people, he was even linked to a very popular actress who is fond of dating top people and wealthy businessmen in society. Anny has asked Chris several times if he and the actress were in a relationship but be denied it." I don't have anything doing with her, she only need a sponsor for a movie she wants to produce and it was a friend of mine that introduced me to her. We do have dinner to discuss about the production and coincidentally our society magazines, gossip and blogger make it go viral with an alarming headline that "a sexy Nollywood actress is in a whizzing romance with Lagos big boys! that's so crazy !" He said while laughing.

He added " if you believe everything you read from magazines, then you'll believe anything" despite all that Chris said, she still nurtures fear inside her that their feelings for each other might go wrong any day like what she experienced in her last relationship before meeting Chris. And that's why she's always turning Chris down, despite the assurance he gave her.

" I will never do anything to hurt you, I will always love you and my love for you will continue to blossom just like the flower planted beside the river, just give me your heart and I'll never flirt with it " he has said this from the beginning of their relationship but always doubting him.


Here she was in his home, he was not aware she was coming, so is more like springing him with surprise, but she was wondering where he might be, she walked to the kitchen again to get a glass of water. She heard the sound of the key at the door when she was about to call his line ... But surprisingly as Chris entered, a lady followed him, holding his arm as if he owned him.

"This is not Rita his sister that i met a couple of times, so who is this lady with him?" She thinks within herself

Daniel on the other hand was surprised to see Anny in his house

"Oh my goodness! You did not tell me you'll be coming " he moved quickly to stand by her, she gazed at him, Anny voice dripped with sarcasm " oh I can see", the young lady moved closer to them and asked " Chris, who is she?"

Well "Zuzzy, this is Anny, my girlfriend, I told you about her before, and Anny meet my friend, Zuzzy."

If she's not her girlfriend, she could not have barged into a man's house by that time, how could he do this to me? She thought with some bitterness and her eyes examine Zuzzy.
She was slim with an average height, she wore a fitting leggings and a right top. Her long hair framed out her pretty face... Anny feels like an intruder, she turned around to search for her bag and leave.

But Chris held her hand while she followed her down the corridor.

" I need to go "

" why are you in a rush to go? After all, you came here to see me, and here am I, so why leaving now" he draw her closer to himself, he put a grin on his face and added " Is it because Zuzzy? don't tell me you're jealous because I know that women and jealousy are one...hahaha" he said with amusement

" Chris this is not funny, what does jealousy have to do with this? I came to your house to surprise you and end up seeing another thing, do you expect me to be happy? , you claimed she's your friend, and the vibe from her shows otherwise, Chris all I wanted from you is nothing but the truth , who is she?"

Chris moves closer to her trying to calm her down " babe calm down, Zuzzy is my friend in the college years back, she's even married now. She came to Lagos for a project and she decided to visit me in the office today just to catch up with old-time and so she followed me home and nothing more "

"Well, I need to go so that I'll not disturb you guys," she said in a sarcastic manner

" Please I want you to stay, don't go, just give me a minutes, I'll be right back" Chris pleaded.

He returned sometime later, and she see Anny admiring the paint on the wall, it was a group of fishermen casting their net in the water. He places his hand on her shoulder and asked with a smile " you like it?"

"Yeah, the place reminds me of somewhere in my village "

"What about your guest, hope you're not neglecting her?" Zuzzy asked

"Oh! She has gone"

Anny feel pleased with the news "hope I'm not the one that chase her away" she asked while she moved towards the window to look at the colorful light at the backyard of the house.

"Well as they use to say, two captains can not be in a boat, if not, it will sink."

" Are you referring to me as a Captain?" She asked with a grin on her face, she could feel him standing close at her back, he held her waist drew her closer to himself, she closed her eyes as she inhale the musky scent of his perfume and the warmth of his body made her feel relaxed .....

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