Taste Of Her Lips.

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"You should come with us," my friends pressured me.

The semester was ending, and the student union decided to throw a party to cheer everyone up. But while most of the students were excited, I was hesitant to attend. I wasn't really into parties. But my friends kept bugging me to go, they really did a good job in convincing me on why I should follow them. They promised they'll stick with me the whole time. So, even though I felt unsure, I agreed to join in.

We got to the party venue, which was the school concert hall, which had been transformed into a beautiful club room space. There were colourful streamers adorning the walls, shining lights of glittering disco balls danced in the air.

Ofcourse, there was loud music booming, and students were dancing and having a great time. The hall oozed with the stench of alcohol and every other stuff required in a student party, even the smuggled ones. In all the atmosphere was one of pure joy.

As I entered the party with my friends, they immediately left me to grab a drink, and maybe, be with their girlfriends. I knew that wasn't the plan, that wasn't their promise of sticking close to me. But before I could talk, they had already vanished in the crowd. I stood there looking around thinking of my next move and somehow my gaze spotted Mary, a friend, and a girl I have been crushing on all semester. She was standing alone in the corner, looking as radiant as ever.

Luckily, she caught my gaze and waved at me with a smile. Then she gestured that I come over.

Mary was a fresher just like me. An Igbo girl with a skin the colour of dark chocolate. Her hair was braided into intricate designs. That night she wore this colourful dress, with intricate patterns and bright colours.

Summoning up enough courage, I approached her, and she greeted me warmly with a smile. We began chatting, and soon we were laughing and having a great time. I got us some drinks, and as we sipped them slowly, we started feeling less nervous.

I watched slowly as she spoke, I noticed she had the sweetest lips, pink and inviting. And tonight, she adorned them with shiny lip gloss. I longed to know how it tasted. The thought of it made my heart race.

"Let's go to the school field" she stopped my thoughts.


"I'm starting to get dizzy with the loud music. Plus, I think I need some fresh air too" she explained while putting down her bottle of drink.

I nodded. Then she grabbed my hands and we walked out of the hall. I tried to play it cool, but my heart was pounding at her touch. I felt my breath catch in my throat. I was nervous but I prayed she didn't notice. She just kept on smiling back at me until we got to the field.

"Let's go over there," I said, pointing to a bench made out of cement.

Once seated, we got talking, but this time I noticed our chat was more intimate than before. Even in that dark spot I could still see her shiny lips. I wondered again how those lips would taste. With enough courage I held her hand and looked her in the eye as silence engulfed us, my heart started pounding, and this time I could swear she could hear my heartbeat. Her hand was warm.

Without thinking I gradually leaned in close, I could feel her breath on my skin. She sat still, looking me in my eyes.

"Marriott, what are you doing?'' was all she asked.

But I didn't answer nor did I stop. Closing my eyes I kissed her. It was a soft, gentle kiss, but it felt like a bolt of lightning. My whole body tingled, and I felt like I was melting into her. The world around us seemed to fade away, and all I could focus on was her, and the taste of her lips against mine.

Then I felt it, she kissed back. It was like a dream, but it was real. I couldn't believe it was happening, but I never wanted it to end.

We were broken apart by the flashlight from a security man nearby.

I opened my eyes and saw her face. She was smiling, and I could tell that she had felt it too. She took my hand again, and asked,

"What took you so long?"

I was confused at first. "I don't understand"

The kiss. What took you so long?. I've had a crush on you and wanted to kiss you ever since we became friends in school," she said. "But I was scared to make a move. I didn't want to ruin our friendship."

I felt butterflies in my belly "I don't know. Maybe I didn't have enough courage to do so"

She smiled. "I'm glad you made the first move," she said. "I was scared to do it too."

I laughed. "We were both scared of the same thing."

She nodded. "We're pretty dumb, aren't we?"

I grinned. "We are. But I'm glad we're dumb together."

We laughed.

We sat in silence for a while, just enjoying the feeling of being together. The sound of the crickets in the field, the smell of the flowers in the air, the stars in the sky, and the cool night breeze all seemed to fade into the background. Then she leaned her head on my shoulders.

It was like we were the only two people in the world. It was the beginning of something beautiful. 😊

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