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Growing up as a child, I only have my mother as my only parents, I was told that my father left us when I was still a toddler, and this caused a lot of distress in my mother's life that she barely take care of herself, talk more about giving me proper care that I needed as a child. I always looked ramshackle and unkept among other kids in school.

Going to school in my shoes was the Agony that I would hardly forget in my life, a very ill fitting that would even hurt to run with it like any other kid, so imagine how painful my feet could be, trekking to a very long distance to school in them, we lived in the suburbs of our town and the school was far from our homes.

My mothers condition made it hard for to give my needs any proper attention clothes and school's books are something that I always fend for myself, my condition made me the bully and I was always tormented by the other kids in school.

My mother really had a very hard time with almost sank down until out of nowhere she got herself back up, before all the depression and emotional sickness, she was a very talented chef that the cooks for big ceremonies and even for smaller parties.

So When she snapped out of her depression many people that were once her client replaced her long ago. So she started again just like a new business venture, as things were never easy for her alone.

Don't forget I have already grew up to up to 13 years, old enough to be able to help her with the business but me, no, her condition made me to be so detached from her both physically and emotionally.

As I was growing older I started to became something like my run away father, I ran away but unlike my father I used to returned home for saveral times (you know that natural connection between a mother and child) was maybe what was bringing me back home.

At that period of my on and off presence my mother keep suffering from too much of moods swings but the self centred person I was, I never took notice.

During one of my home coming back, it scared me of seeing the moods swings my mother was suffering and when I left that time, it was the last time I saw her because it took me so long, been away from home.

I was 18 years old when I received the devastating call that informed me about my mother's demise, I can vividly remember how my mother's closest friend, Aunty Melissa, She bluntly got straight to the point and I quote 'Hey Steve, come home your mother is dead!' and she continued to tell me how they found my mother's lifeless body in her little kitchen/canteen, they suspected that she might have committed suicide at her 55 years of age.

Saying how I cried very uncontrollable at that time is a waste of time. At the funeral, everyone sympathise with myself and late mother but deep down inside me I was jubilating and relief that my mother's sickness is now a history..


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Seeing my name as the person due for inheritance shocked me to the core, because my odd relationship with my mother made me never for once let me have a thought that she will have my name in her will. Despite knowing that my mother is professionality in cooking, I never noticed that she made quite amount of money in the business, why would I even imagine when she hardly spent a penny.

My mother really took me by surprise, because she invested almost all her earnings in property, and lots in the bank.

I actually didn't believe that until I opened her mail box where I stumbled upon Bank massages. Reading one of the messages that says my mother had opened a joint account in our names, where it contains over 100 million naira, this made me cried profusely like a baby, it down to me how, my mother, despite all she's been through, despite all I the undesirable behaviour I showed her, she still managed to secure all these for me, immediately my thoughts was covered with So much regret, I felt so bad on howi lived with my mother, How I wish we could teleport back, I would have amends all my previous ways, I hope she keeps resting on in piece.

After all the cries and regrets, I became so happy and over joyous on how I became a multi millionaire in a blink of an eye. Yes from poor homeless young man jumping between hostel and and the streets, to becoming a millionaire at this very young age can make any sense go crazy, and I'm not differente from this description. I started squandering these money, buying unnecessary and unwanted items.

I remembered there was a time I was not able to pay for a cab fare but now keeping half a million naira as a pocket money. I felt like I was a super invincible man.

I instantly got my lifestyle changed, I started squandering the money by buying a very expensive mansion, hired maid, and lots of employees for different services, what do you expected from an inexperienced, immature young man.

I became everybody's favourite, from my inferior complex background, I lavishly spent on any one that showed me love, remember I was once taunted and bullied by people around me. Everyone made me became like their ATM, everyone became greedy around me and took the advantage of my naivety.

I often laugh at my foolishness and stupidity now, two of the biggest of them were, in amidst of the new luxury living, I mistakenly bought an online business shares of ₦30,000,000 instead of ₦3,000,000 by mistakenly adding a zero '0', and the other was how I bought an expensive car for a high class lady just to win over her, we went our separate ways after she squeezed much out of me. Of course I did spent my inheritance money on other women and drugs but most part of the money were spent on casino games, lottery, luxury clothes.

The people I called my friends also got their shares in the name of loan and others trapped me into venturing a business idea that never yielded results.

Fast forward, As time goes by, just barely three years later, I searched for my inheritance and only to find a property remaining and no enough cash to continue to lifestyle I started after my inheritance, after some few months, reality set in and I was unable to deal with it, I allowed myself to be consumed in my depression, with the few money I'm getting, I started using all pills that suppresses depression.and anxiety.

The good news was I was able to quickly snap out of the depressing situation and fully recovered. But the new lifestyle I found myself in made me uneasy to adjust to spendings, so the I eventually lost the remains of my inheritance and went back to square one that is going back to the street, Yes I lost my mansion and became homeless again.

That was the depressing situation I have ever found myself in. I recovered quicker to out my depression than the first time. I realise that having money all the time is very important in ones life, and seeing my inheritance smoked away in a thin air, I decided to get a job to start earning for myself.

I focused on getting a good paying job with the little connection that remaining, I forget to mention of my strong passion and little talent in music was what I used to support myself with during my time on the streets. and with that, I started working in a musical Studio, after some time, they noticed my talent and advise me to start singing.

My first single was what encourages me to do more because of how I generated fans. Stand up was something that I did when I was on the street, so I started doing musical shows in different bars and clubs.

I was able to hold my self with my new business but was not in any way compared to my inheritance. I really lived a life but I wish I could get hold of some money now I would have known better on how to manage them better.

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