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“Never in my life had I seen someone so self centered, selfish, sardonic, stern, egocentric and proud as him. He couldn’t even make it to my Graduation, he never made it to any of them right from my high school graduation to my university graduation and now I just bagged my masters degree and he isn’t even here. He isn’t here to congratulate me.” - I said within me as I tried to hold back my tears

Alex Brandino was a well built man, a man in his late fifties. He was the owner of The Brandino industry. Married to Claudia Brandino for twenty-seven years, they both have three children; two girls and a boy. Alex made sure all his children had degrees that were business related, to take over the family business later on. This Alex of a man so happens to be my father and that makes I, Delia Brandino his second daughter and last child.

Don’t get me wrong I love my father but he can be difficult at times, I know he loves me too but he just can’t put his pride aside, he picks business over his children and he isn’t the kind of man to show emotions. He brought I and my siblings up in a strict way, everything and everyone had to be perfect. Alex showed love where he felt was necessary. He never apologized for anything neither did he ever accept the fact he wrong about anything. My dad was one hell of a proud man and his ego is way bigger than the mansion we live. But perhaps those qualities were what made him so successful, he couldn’t afford to show weakness.

When I and the rest of my family finally got home, I was already pissed as hell. I looked at the garage and off course all the cars were complete even his favorite; a Bentley which had a license that read “$ALEX-BR$”. I went straight to his private study, I figured he’d be there.

“Dad why didn’t you come for my graduation?” -I asked my dad who seemed to be idling away on his phone

“I had business to take care of” - he said so casually and without remorse.
I decided not to spoil my day any further and quickly went up to my room to finish packing for the girls trip I had planned with my friends the next day.

10:30 AM

As soon as I enter my dads’ study I was surprised to see him there, dressed in all his glory. I mean it was a Tuesday morning so I expected him be at work already.

“Good morning” - I said without any emotion

“Good morning honey”- he sounded as though he was was sorry about yesterday.

I immediately dropped the letter I had taken my time to write for him last night
“That’s for you and I’m leaving now, I already put my suitcases in the car”- I said so casually

As I leave the study I see him pick and open the letter I had labeled “Dear Daddy” which I took my time to pour out my emotions since I found it difficult to say exactly how I felt in front of him.

After bidding farewell to my mum and siblings I head towards the car where I see my dad standing with the letter in his hand

“I’m so sorry sweetie, I never meant to hurt you like this. You know I love you much more than I care to show”- I’d never seen my dad look so sad while talking to me

Was that my father apologizing? To me? Was I dreaming?. This was definitely too good to be true. I was shocked to say the least.

Tears roll down my cheeks when he envelopes me in a bear hug- “I love you too dad”

“Now please can you not move out of the house.” - he said

“Move out? Dad I’m only going for a two week vacation with my friends”- I was confused at this point

“Oh I thought you were leaving because you were fed up with me” - he sounded relieved

“Wait is that why you apologized so quickly”- I gave him a puzzled look

I watched my dad fluster - “Well... ummm... no...not really. Okay maybe it’s one of the reasons why but I had other reasons too and either way I would’ve apologized”

As expected of my dad. I rolled my eyes and gave off a smile- “ I knew it! Typical Alex Brandino.”

“Enjoy your trip Delia” - my dad said with a smile

“Bye daddy dearest” - with that I entered the car and left for the airport

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