Life circumstances. - Creative Nonfiction in The Ink Well: Prompt #7.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence I was a spoiled and pampered child. My parents gave me everything I asked for, as long as I deserved it. They did everything for me and they didn't let me help them with any household chores like cleaning, cooking or washing; they just told me that I had to concentrate on my studies, that should be my focus.

But despite their good intentions, they were causing me future harm.

When I was 15 years old, their criticism of me began.

"You're a slacker! You don't help us at all," they told me.

I didn't understand why they said those things to me if I wasn't doing anything wrong. Now I understand that it wasn't my fault, it's just that they raised me that way.

Everything became more difficult when I entered college.

To start this new stage of my life I had to move to a new city, because the career I wanted was not available in my hometown.

Despite the excitement I felt to get to know another city and experience new things, I was very nervous because of the unknown and because I basically had to fend for myself.

The days following my move were the most difficult. I did not know anything about this new city, however, I had aunts and cousins who guided me when it came time to do my paperwork for college and also took me to see different places.

Days went by and I felt more and more tired and depressed, I missed my parents. I went from being the spoiled child to an adult, everything so fast. I had to make food, clean the house, wash my clothes, study, among other things, it was certainly a difficult few months for me. But I never gave up, it was not in my plans.

I soon got used to this new routine, some days were harder than others, but I was always motivated to get through.

Five months later, when I was more organized about my responsibilities, I managed to get a job that would allow me to study. Again I felt the sense of fear of the unknown that I felt when I moved, but I didn't let that stop me, I learned to do things with fear.

This new job taught me so many things, like how to be more expressive, to make new friends (I was very shy), to be more empathetic with people, and above all to always see the positive side of things.

A year after my move, my parents decided to move to the city where I am living. They were surprised to see me, because they realized that I was no longer that little girl they let go a year ago, now I was an adult who knew her path.

The move and all the good and bad situations that came my way taught me many things. They helped me grow as a person, as a woman. I learned from something as basic as standing up for myself, to face any obstacle that comes in my life.

I am very grateful to God and to life for allowing me to experience all this. I have always believed that things happen for a reason and also that things don't happen for a reason. Every situation at all times aligned itself so that I could be the great woman I am today. I certainly have no regrets and would not change a single thing.

I keep all the good things from every experience.

The images used are mine, one when I was a baby and a current one.
I hope you like my story.

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