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The chicken war | inkwell prompt #59


Daniel lives in a farmhouse with his parents and siblings. On this farm they had various kinds of animals which they reared, they had cows, they had fishes, they had turkeys, they had horses, and his greatest enemy the chickens.

In the daytime, Daniel and his siblings would walk the animals out of their habitat, to an open area where they would graze and feed, and in the evening they would walk them back to their respective habitats.

Daniel though small usually preferred walking the big cows, according to him they were "majestic beings", he would rather Walk them, than walk those filthy chickens, that's what he would always say to his brothers.

But his brothers knew he had a huge fear for chickens Because when he was about six he got chased up a tree by a mother hen. He cried bitterly for two whole days and avoided any further contact with chickens of any kind.

So Daniel stuck to the big animals while his brothers, stuck to the small and medium-sized animals.

One Sunday evening, after the church service Daniel's brothers had to stay behind for choir and drama practice, and since Daniel was not in any of this church group he went back home with his parents.
And then it happened..

It was around 6:00 pm Daniel's brothers were not back yet from their respective practices and it was time to Walk the animals back to their quarters. So Daniel started with the large animals, as usual, going from the cow to the horse and finally to the goat and sheep but by the time he was done, his brothers had not still returned. He was stunned by this outcome because his brothers had never missed a Walk-in or walk out session before, although he was bothered, he still had to finish walking in the animals as he heard his mother shouting from afar
"Food is ready".

And so he made his move for the remaining animal, THE CHICKEN!!.

At first, he was scared at the thought of rounding them up by himself but when he got to the chicken's feeding site and found just only one chicken present, his confidence grew a little.

"It's just two of us here now chicken, what are you going to do now??" he said, as he took a horse stance while still focusing on the chicken.

The cool evening breeze blew through, causing dust from the ground to rise into the air.

Daniel then took a step forward intending to catch the chicken, when he was interrupted by a clucking, it was definitely not coming from the chicken In front of him, he turned around and immediately froze.
There they were, the entire herd of chicken, right behind him. His heart began to beat faster and louder,that even a deaf person would hear it from a mile away.
His leg froze, his mind scrambled. His greatest fear had been realized again,
"the chickens are out to get me," he thought, and without thinking, he let out a loud cry
"Rain fire !!!"
As he dash through the herd of chickens, making his back to the main farmhouse, the chicken themselves immediately followed, running behind him as he made his way to the main house.

He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, screaming at the top of his voice
" rain fire !!, rain fire! rain fire!!"
He turned back for a moment, to only notice the chickens closely behind him, pursuing him with passion.

He increased his pace but now headed in a new direction. " the chicken pen" , which had two doors directly opposite each other ".
He dashed through the open door breathing heavily and without wasting a time, he opened the second door from the inside of the pen and ran out through it while still shutting it behind him.

Now he had the upper hand, and so, with the speed of lightning, he dashed to the front door of the chicken pen and slammed it shut. Trapping the chickens inside it.

*Finally victory was his *

Soon after, he returned to the main house only to find his brothers, sitting at the dining table laughing and pointing at him as he entered.

"Rain fire !!", they said as they giggled and laughed together,
The betrayal he felt was enough to move mountains but was eventually calmed by his mother's chicken pepper soup, which to him had an extra flavor of victory. and with the final realization that he was no longer afraid of chickens, he was happy as a rainbow in the sky.

The end

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