Deja vu: Desmond's Torment

Desmond lives in port harcourt and he was the CEO of DJ demolition contract company. Desmond's contracts always come from the government officials. The duty was to demolish certain areas where the lower class people live, and this is done without considering their emotional state and how they will cope after demolition and they are often chased out without any compensation.

Desmond got a contract to demolish some areas in Asaba, in the process of demolition, they got to a widow's house who implored them not to demolish her house. she said to Mr Desmond as she wept, " please sir this is what I have and what my late husband left for me and my little child, we have nowhere to go, please sir"!

"Madam, please I have no business with what is happening here, I'm just doing my job" he responded rudely.

The widow, after so much pleading without a positive response, replied, "okay, please can you help us with some money so that we can start somewhere or rather rent a place to stay, anywhere, it mustn't be fancy, let's just have somewhere to lay our head", a word never came out of Mr Desmond mouth, he remained mute while he watched the people carry-out their duties. The widow was helpless, hopeless and frustrated. She said to Mr Desmond while in pain "you will experience the same pain I feel", Mr Desmond chuckled and left.

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A few weeks later. Desmond woke up one fateful morning and was prepared for work. His mother had prepared his favorite meal, tea, bread and fried egg and had dropped it on the dining table and she beckoned him to come take his breakfast before it got cold.

"Your breakfast is ready, make sure you eat before going to work" She knows he was the workaholic person who forgets to eat his meal. He was in the office watching news on channels when his PA came in and began to update him about an appointment with the Media personnels for an interview, the meetings with Mr Shedrack and other schedules for the day. After a long day his sister called him and asked him for a certain amount of money.

The next day the same experience keeps happening at the same time and place. He got tired and it seems as if he knew earlier whatever they wanted to say, it was as if he had seen it before and repeated whatever they want to say concurrently His personal assistant at work and other of his workers already concluded that he's a clairvoyant, his mother was worried not knowing he was going through what is called dèjá vu .

Desmond was so worried, confused and surprised. He couldn't explain why he was having that experience. He met a therapist and a pastor. The pastor was able to tell him that he was cursed by a widow and he needs her forgiveness. Desmond had to give a deep thought, as he tried to figure out where this could be coming from, and who he had offended. He stayed calm and allowed himself to reflect back. Gradually he began to recall one of the experiences he had with the widow. He murmured and softly mumbled that widow from Asaba "I have to go back and look for her" he told himself

The next day he woke up very early in the morning and drove to Asaba to look for the widow. His PA called to remind him of the same schedule he has been having in his head for a while. He was already going insane, so he canceled all the appointments he had for the week. He went in search of the widow, and luckily for him he found her and he pleaded and sought for her forgiveness, she forgave him instantly. Mr Desmond offered some money which will be enough for them as compensation.

The widow thanked him and blessed him . Desmond went back home and rested, but was still a bit nervous about the next day, but when it was morning everything changed to normal, his schedule became updated and he stopped having the same experience.

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