Splinterbites Magazine #1: Struggles of the Summoned Succubus

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I was browsing in the library when I stumbled a note. In it is somewhat three short stories with titles that feels begging for help. They are entitled, "I want to go home," "Please give me courage," and "I don't want to die."

I want to go home...

"Congratulations on your new promotion!"
"Let's give you a big toast!"

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That is my work. I work at a host club and sit with customers to provide them company to make their days better. As one of my clients said, "There's no better celebration than a pretty woman beside you."

My work may raise eyebrows to others but thankfully, my clients have been polite to me. They never attempted immoral actions and respect my boundaries.

I live alone. No parents, no relatives, just by myself. Everything was just a normal routine except for one thing, this package that came in my mail. A book entitled, "Tome of Chaos."

"Aren't we too old for this?" I whispered to myself as I thought it was a prank from my friends since they know that I like reading conspiracies and occult stuff. I was browsing the pages and saw this drawing. Under it, it says, "Dream Demon, the Embodiment of Lust."

I chuckled, "What?" And on thr other page are combinations of letters with a warning, "Do not read aloud."

Thinking that sign easn't serious, I didn't heed the warning. "What is this? L-liber mortis... da... votum... L-libera me... si-cut?... Corpus meum tibi... Offero..."

White light suddenly came out of the book. The night ended as I passed out not knowing what happened next.

Please Give me Courage

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I opened my eyes slowly. Candles weaving fire surrounds me. Weird symbols I don't understand scribbled under my feet and along the darkness, a huge man dressed in gold robe, with necklace shining in different precious stones, smiling at me through his gold teeth.

As my head slowly regained composure, I screamed in cofusion, "Ahhhhhh!"

"W-What is this?!"
"Where am I?!"

I noticed that I was wearing leather outfit, wings in violet and blue and black tail with heart shaped end. They feel too real to be fake. I was completely shocked and dazed. The man in golden outfit never said anything and just stood there.

He dragged my hair and before I knew it, I'm in front of a crowd of masked people dressed in valuable jewelries and silky robes.

These masked people are quite excited. They kept shouting numbers, "1000! 2000! 2500!"

A man in black beside me repeat those numbers, "2000! 2500!" while slamming his little wooden hammer on the small wooden table in front of him.

I still don't know what happened and before I grasp the situation, a cloth suddenly covered my nose and mouth.

My mind slowly went blank as I hear the last few wordsof the man in black, "Sold for 5000 Splintershards."

I don't want to...

It was almost dawn. The sky slowly goes dark and sun goes down. I was panting from running for miles.

I seem to unconsciously know how the wings on my back works. "Find her! Don't let her get away!"

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I stretched my back muscles, envisioned myself floating in the sky. Flap, flap - And there I was flying like a bird, floating and free.


I was far from being free. Five men with torches are gaining grounds. I don't have the time to enjoy the wonderful view from up above. I heard a man shouted, "There she is! Look at the sky!"

The flames from their torches started going on my direction. I don't know what to do. I never imagined I would be in this situation. I was trying to earnestly earn my keep and the next minute, I was in this world running for my life - No, for my freedom!

Not too far, I saw swirling blue light. This is something that looks like what I read from those fiction books. It's a portal!

"I may not know what lies ahed but it would be better than this, better than being hunted."

And with my little courage, I flew straight the rift wishing for a better tommorow. A better future than being treated as someone's commodity.

Author's Notes

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