The hidden Morgue

After going to the mortuary several times to get the corpse of his son, who died in an accident, the mortuary kept giving him excuses. He went to lodge a complaint at the police station, and luckily, there have been similar complaints about the same mortuary seizing corpses.

"I've heard about the mortuary, but I don't know where it is located. Where is it located?" The DPO asked, and he was told that the mortuary is located at the back of beyond of the town and that it's a recently established mortuary.

"Haaa! I know that area. There are houses there? That's like another village on its own."

"Sergeant Collins!"

"Shun sir!" Sergeant Collins appeared at his front.
"Get equipped; we are going to raid a mortuary."

The DPO took his pistol, entered a Siena bus with Kudus and sergeant Collins, and they made their way to the mortuary.

"How come a mortuary is located in a place like this?" The DPO kept saying this as they drove past many bushes and without many buildings.

"And you, what prompted you to patronize such a place?" He tapped Kudus on his lap.

"Didn't you get it? I wasn't the one who took my son's corpse there; it was the hospital where he died that took him there. I asked them why, and all they could say is that the mortuary is cheaper."

They finally arrived after 26 minutes of driving. The compound was newly fenced, and the bricks were still glittering, with no plastering or paintings. They honked endlessly, but no one opened the gate. They decided to park outside the gate and proceed on foot. They knocked on the gate; the gateman peeped from a hole and then opened it.

"Why did you not open the gate for us?" The DPO asked the gateman.

"Sorry, at this hour, we do not allow cars in unless it's an emergency," the gateman answered.

"At this time? It's 1:00 pm," DPO asked, looking at his phone clock.

"Oga, abeg go, I don't have time," the gateman plugged his earpiece and turned his back at them.

At this moment, the DPO sensed there's something fishy. He signaled the sergeant with his two hands raised up to get hold of his gun. They entered the reception hall; a female dressed in a white nurse gown was seated, and the ceiling fan was doing well to breeze up the hall with cold air.

"Good afternoon. Where's the manager? I want to meet him." The DPO rested on the block counter with his hand holding his pistol rested on the flat surface of the counter which was supposed to get the receptionist scared but she didn't make any sign of being scared.

"Okay, welcome, sir. The manager is not around. You'll have to wait for him or come back later"

"Since when did he leave? Please give him a call," the DPO inquired.

"Not quite long, and honestly, I'm not permitted to call him today as he went for an important meeting," the receptionist responded while glued to her phone.

"Hmmmm!" He turned back, looked around, and moved around the reception hall, nodding his head, investigating the environment to pick up clues to what's suspicious. He brought out his phone, turned on data, logged into WhatsApp, turned on his location, and dialed Sergeant Philip's contact, his next in command in their police office. The phone was ringing when three hefty men with heavy guns stepped out and bailed them up.

"Now terminate that call and drop your guns!" The one that seemed to be the leader ordered as he cracked the gun pointed towards them.

Kudus began to fidget, shivering like a drenched chicken. Sergeant Collins had already dropped his gun and laid down flat on the floor. The receptionist was smiling at the scene from her chamber.

"I knew something was wrong," the DPO smiled and dropped his phone and pistol on the floor.
"I said lie down!" One of them agitated at the DPO.

Just as he surrendered and kneeled down, gunshots from outside took over the air.

The three men were positioned with their guns aimed at the entrance. One of them peeped outside to see that policemen had taken over the compound.

"The entire building is totally surrounded; any harsh movement will attract a shot. Now surrender at the count of three."


Sergeant Philip, to whom the DPO had sent information via SMS, shouted from a megaphone as he signaled his boys to position themselves to shoot at any odd movement.


The DPO remained calm with full confidence in his boys. The armed men were not shaken at all. They were left with just two options: either to surrender or stage a shootout with the police.

"Boss, what are we going to do? Should we kill these people and go and face the battle outside?" One of the armed men asked the boss, who felt so relaxed with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Drop your weapons, guys. Let's surrender. We won't be able to face them, or we'll lose at the end," the boss said as he filmed the scene with his phone and placed it back in his pocket.
"Boss, what do you mean? We can't just..."

"I said surrender!" The boss shouted at him. They dropped their guns, and immediately, the DPO picked up their guns, held them up, and led them outside. As soon as they stepped outside, Sergeant Philip and his boys subdued them with guns, handcuffed them, and pushed them inside the van.

"Sergeant, well done for being vigilant." The DPO shook the hand of Sergeant Philip.

"Yes, sir, I picked up the boys immediately after I saw your message, and when the WhatsApp call came, we followed the location." The Sergeant stood at attention, gave him an army salute, and dismissed into the car. Sirens began to blare, and they drove off through the bushy tiny road.

Just 10 minutes away, they saw their road blocked by a fallen log of wood.
"This tree was not here when we passed a few hours ago," the police driver in the first car said. They stopped, came down, and as they were going to inspect the tree that had blocked the road, men in black outfits, heavily armed with sophisticated guns, came out from the bush and stood at their fronts, with heavy smoke oozing out of their noses and mouths.

The policemen instantly picked up their guns and began to fire at them, but none were penetrating; they were fortified in the spirit.

"Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!"I The DPO announced using the megaphone, and all of them ran inside the bush, leaving the hostages in the van. The black men went on to swiftly break the handcuffs on the hostages.

"Thank you, guys, for coming," the leader of the captured men said to the black men.

"No problem, but you should have informed us earlier; your message and the clip came very late." The one who seems to be the leader of the black men said this as he helped them come out of the van.

"I thought it'd be something we could handle."

"Let's go before things escalate." They ran off inside the bush too, in the opposite direction.

That day in the night, the police returned with an uncountable number of armies; they locked the mortuary, traced the owner of the mortuary, and found out that it's a popular politician in the state who established the mortuary to have easy access to corpses to aid him in bizarre fetish acts. He was arrested, and the armed men were traced but could not be located because they had left the country already.

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