Scared of the grave

One of my biggest quests in life has been to meet a spirit/ghost because I really have a lot of questions to ask in order to put a stop to my confusion state about life in the spiritual realm. With this, each time I hear that a loved one is dead, I wish I could come across the person's spirit as we always see in Nollywood movies.

In the year 2018, when one of my closest uncles died, his corpse was brought to the village from the city to be buried alongside his wife and children. There's a belief that once someone dies of an accident, their spirit stays around on Earth because that was not their actual time of death, and after a while, it wanders off to other places on Earth or ascends to heaven or descends to hell...thanks to Nollywood for making this mystery seem so real.
This uncle of mine died in an accident, so I was all out, calculating and conscious, hoping to see a spirit.

He was buried in a corner in his compound. The grave wasn't cemented, it was just a heap of soil imprinted on the ground to the size of a coffin.

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After the burial day, his eldest son, who was around 35 years old, approached me to join them and sleep in their house.
"To sleep in your house?" I tried to figure out why he made the request, but I couldn't, so I asked him directly.

"It's nothing, I just want you to be around," he said, his voice a bit shaky, trying to hide his face while speaking.

I quickly sensed that he was scared of the grave of his father in the compound, and the funny thing is that he's the man of the house, along with his siblings, his two babies, and his wife.

"Yeah, I get it. You're scared of the grave beside that window. But why are you scared? If your dad's spirit is going to come out, do you think he's going to harm you?" My question sounded awkward to him, and he couldn't help but muffle some laughter because the whole imaginative stuff sounded like a movie script already.

"Please, you're sleeping with us tonight! Do come around in the evening before 7:00 pm!" he shouted as he walked off the scene.
On the other end, I was happy because it's an opportunity to see a ghost in case one was going to come out.

When night arrived, I grabbed my phone and charger, told my mom that I wouldn't be sleeping at home, which she agreed to easily without hesitation.
I arrived an hour late to the time I was given and found them already turning off the generator, which had made everywhere dark except for the candlelight shining on the grave to light the path for the spirit of the dead... as it's said.

"Sorry, I came a bit late," I said as I joined him to carry the heavy generator inside the lobby.

"No wahala (no problem), I said I would call you immediately we turned off the generator. You came on time with a touch of African time," he joked.

We laughed in unison at his 'African time' joke. After dropping the generator, I followed him to bring all the beds to the parlor because he said it's not ideal for us to sleep in different rooms.
We shifted the couches to a corner and spread the beds. The wife, children, and siblings took their spaces while he and I decided to use the couch. As we were about to sleep, he remembered that he hadn't locked the door.

"Kingsley, please lock the door," he said.

I got up from the couch, walked to the door, and as I was about to lock it, a heavy breeze blew in like it was about to rain, and the wind breezed into the parlor. From there, I saw that the candlelight from the grave, which was visible from the door, had gone out.

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"Should I lock the door, or do you want to go and light the candle at the grave?" I said in a slightly raised tone to make it audible because the wind was still a little strong.

"Haaaa! The candlelight has gone out?" He walked over from his couch to the door.

"Yes, there's no light there again," I replied, opening the door for him to view clearly.

"Oh boy, I'm scared of spirit things. Could you help me go and light up the candle?" He whispered into my left hear to avoid his wife and siblings from hearing.

"Why are you scared? Did you kill him?"

*"Hahahahaha!" He spanked my head and handed me a lighter, pushing me a little to the lobby at the front yard.

I was happy, though, and wishing that as I was about to light up the candle, a man in white would appear.
I turned on my phone's flashlight, walked to the grave as if it were nothing, bent down, lit the candle, which was placed on the head side of the grave. After I had done that, I stood up, flashed my light around the fence walls, hoping to see any spirits, but no, I didn't find any. I just walked back to the house, locked the door, and lay on the couch.
As I was about to log in to Facebook, I heard a feminine voice in a very low tone, "Some people are not man enough to be the head of the house; they're scared of an ordinary grave."

Oh! That was the voice of his wife throwing shade at him, to which he only replied with a hiss, "Mtcheeew!"

I smiled and got glued to my phone and that was how we spent the night.

Thanks for reading.

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