Nancy rushed to the bathroom it took her a little time to realize it's morning already,she didn't even hear when the morning alarm rang.it is not her fault though she was just exhausted from yesterday's chores, she would come back from work, pick her son from school make dinner, and even do her son's assignment.Life of a single mother is not easy. She quickly prepared her son for school before she got to the office she was far behind Time.

"Always coming late to the office"Her bosses cold voice came up and that left her frightened.
"I'm sorry sir"Nancy said with her head down to the ground.

"Ain't you tired of this I'm sorry huh?you come to work late everyday the only thing you would always say is I'm sorry and you won't still change"Mr Richard said looking pissed.
"I promise not to do it again"she said calmly and gently.
"What's my schedule for today"

Nancy quickly went through the schedule making sure she doesn't miss any one.
"You may leave" Nancy was about leaving his office when his voice stopped her again and her heart quickly raced, so many thoughts went through her mind as she moved closer to me Richard who was leaning on his executive chair looking stainly at her.

Nancy's thought made her become terrified.Anyone would be terrified because Richard was strict non of his staff has seen him smile before, and that left them wondering if he was a human or not, always looking serious and scary.
"Sit down" Nancy was stunned Richard never tells anyone sit in his office except it's an important discussion or something very official, she sat carefully.
"Why are you always late to work?"
"Sir the traffic is always so annoying"
"Everyday?"he quarried again coldly With no Expression,Nancy swallowed hard on nothing "if there's anything you're hiding from me tell me now,I may consider you" Nancy decided to explain things to him.

"It's not my joy of always coming late to work,but as a single mother I have a lot of responsibilities"
"A single mother?... how come you didn't tell me as your boss"
"I felt it was personal so I didn't need to bother you"
"Oh"he muttered and smile shortly.smiles look so good on him and how come he doesn't do that oftenly Nancy was already lost in thought
"I'm sorry for raising my voice on you"he apologies snapped Nancy out from her imaginary world.
"It's fine sir"she said and left the office.

Richard pulled off his glasses and tears freely dropped, he's supposed to be a father by now but he lost his wife and baby while putting to birth, from that Time on he lived like a bachelor, happiness left him, his wife's made him a cold man, remembering the past tore him apart. lmmediately Nancy told him she was a single mother, he pictured how life would be for her.

Days after days, weeks after weeks Richard became so fond of Nancy and Nancy was already in love with him.she came to realize that Richard was not the cold and wicked man everyone knew him to be,his life was just void of happiness.
"I wasn't like this when I had my wife round me but everything changed the moment she left me"Richard exhaled fighting down the tears that was in his throat like a lump.

"That was the worst experience in my entire life, and I was out of control of my self,I felt the whole world grumbling and felt death would also take me" He sniffed in and contined
"I felt worst when I unconsciously slept with a girl cos I was so drunk"
"Oh God"Nancy exclaimed already in tears, that reminded her of something that happened four years ago.something that hurt her so much whenever she recalls.
"You reminded me of how a drunk man forced himself on me In a hotel room when I went to serve meal"

"I remember screaming, but he wouldn't listen to me, his grip so tight, the most annoying part is that I discovered I was already pregnant for him"she sniffed
"That was the worst experience of my life I was left with no choice than keeping my son"
"Wow, but there's something suspicious about our past"Richard said and that left Nancy speechless she thought of so many things and yes Richard had a point.


"To be sure please I want to have a DNA test with Daniel so we can be certain"Richard said holding her hands firmly and putting on a pleading look
"Go ahead, but if he's Truly yours just know I can't let you have him as your son"Nancy mumbled and worked out of Richard weeping bitterly.

The DNA test was successful and yes Nancy was the lady Richard slept with unconsciously.She locked herself up and wept out her eyes,why would destiny merge her and the man that caused her so much pains?

"Nancy please do not deny me the joy of being called a father, I've always wanted to be a father but I was deprived of that opportunity once and I don't want to be denied again.i've been In the dark for years and please let me have a glimpse of light just for once in my life.I'm so sorry for the pains I made you go through,I swear I won't do that on a purpose."
Richard said with his knee down and tears rolling freely.Little Daniel's heart was broken he went kneeling beside Richard.

"I know how much you love me mom, but I also want a daddy,I know mummy it wasn't easy for you all through the years, you went through hell,but mum you can forgive and we start all over again as one family.Dad won't do that on purpose and besides I love uncle Richard so much.Richard's heart was scattered he pulled his little boy into a hug.

"Now I've found you I won't let you go, I'm sorry"Richard said with tears streaming down.The door creaked and Nancy showed up with her eyes red and swollen.Richard quickly went closer
"I'm sorry Nancy,for the pains, shame I made you go through"
"I know it wasn't your fault, I'm sorry for everything you went through...I can't deny you that happiness and joy of being a father" Nancy said gently Richard couldn't contain his joy he pulled Nancy into a hug
"Let's leave behind our ugly and dark past and live to the fullest"

"Daddy I'll like to go to the movie tomorrow"Daniel said that got everyone laughing
"Yeah sure I'll take you there"Richard reassured, Daniel ran off feeling so happy.
I haven't felt this happy in a long time"
"Yeah me too"
"I feel fulfilled and blessed having you round,you've fulfilled my life and I must say I love you'
"I love you too Richard"
Without wasting another second he captured her lips kissing her like his life depended on it.


Thanks for reading I remain @Kingsleymark

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