The surprise.


Lynda buttoned her shirt and grabbed her jacket. SHe switched off the television, looked around again, to be certain she wasn't forgetting anything and headed for the door.

She just got off the phone with Rafael, her boyfriend who was out of town for business. Although she couldn't talk much because she was already late for work. But she promised to call him later in the day.

Switching off the lights at the door she opened the door to see Mandy at the door.

"Yo! Girl you're set already?" Mandy asked, stretching out her hands for a hug.

"The earlier the better. Besides I'm trying not to lose my job, it's hard getting a new job these days" Lynda replied as she tried inserting the key in the keyhole.

"Don't lock up. I'm hanging out at your place today."

"What's wrong with yours. Meanwhile, what are you doing here early,shouldn't you be at work"

"Come on, girl I told you last week I'm on leave this week. Plus my parents stopped by and it's been talks about when I'm getting married at home. So I lied I had a client to meet and left them at home. "

"Lucky you I live down the road. Just lock up when you're done and don't touch my bags or shoes." Lynda said, handing Mandy her house keys.

"Well I can promise you locking up the house when I'm done but I don't think I can promise not touching your shoes girl. Do you even know the kinda shoes you wear? That's a Louboutin on your legs right now" Mandy said, pointing to Lynda's shoes.

"Whatever, I better start going. See you later." Stepping down the stairs and heading to the garage.

"Love you". Mandy called out

It was a busy day at work for Lynda. She tried closing a deal with a client and several others. It has always been the usual routine. She was so busy that she forgot to return Rafael's call.

She only remembered while on her drive back home. He was still out of town and wouldn't be returning this weekend. This got Lynda angry she had planned on spending the weekend at his place after a stress filled week.

She pulled up at her apartment garage. And got out of her car. She headed to her door. The lights were off. Mandy must have left, she thought. She pulled up the foot mat just at the door to see her keys lying there. That was the usual spot Mandy leaves her keys whenever she comes visiting. Turning the keyhole and moving inside her apartment the lights came on even without her touching the switch to reveal a handful of people inside her apartment.

"Surprise!!!" They all yelled as Lynda took the defense stance.

She looked and it was her family, friends and Mandy. The apartment was fully decorated with balloons, rose petals on the floor, candles and drinks. And on the wall read an inscription.


Before she could ask what was going on. She saw Rafael emerging from her room with a ring in his hands. Lynda stood with her mouth wide open as he walked up to her, went down on one knee and professed his love.

"The past few months with you have been the sweetest and happiest months of my life. And moving forward I wouldn't want to miss a day being happy. Make me the happiest man alive. Marry me" he said .

Well the rest of it was beautiful. Because they got married in a romantic beach wedding filled with family, friends and well-wishers.

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