Chris barged in to his his parents room at midnight and shouted


I need cash dad I'm broke!!!

His parents were startled but his father asked Chris in a calm voice

What's wrong with you Chris? how dare you barge in to this room like that and by this time of the night.

His voice rose a little as he asked

Nothing is wrong with me dad i just need money and that's it.

Chris answered with boldness

His mom chipped in and said

What do you need money for by this time of the night and by the way did your father not give you a hundred thousand naira last week?

Well it finished yesterday so i need more now

Chris answered

what did use the money to do infact forget it i am not giving you a dime and that's it

His dad said with finality

Chris seeing that he was serious started throwing tantrums, he destroyed the television set in his parents bedroom and he was about to set fire to their bed before his father intervened and said.

Alright i will transfer another hundred thousand naira to you so that you may stop disturbing everyone's peace.

His father said

Chris was happy so he went and kissed his parents goodnight and then went to his room to sleep.

His parents shook their heads and continued their own sleep.

That has always been the case in the Johnson household even though they were a small family of three with their male servant whose name was Daniel.

Walter Johnson, the head of the household was a very rich and successful business man who was the CEO of the biggest oil producing company in the country and his wife Abigail Johnson was the CEO of the biggest hair salon in the country so it is safe to say that they were extremely wealthy.

Their only child Chris Johnson was a 25 year old graduate of computer science from a very reputable university but after graduation he came back to his parents house and refused to get a job because he believed that his parents were already rich and he would inherit everything so there was no need for a job and to top it off he was the only child so he had everything to himself.

When he was younger his parents spoilt him to the core, he was not allowed to do anything including washing his own clothes and even up till his current age he did not do anything, every thing was done for him by their servant Daniel who has been with the family for 20 years and he was currently 30 years old and even though he was offered to leave their home and start a new life about 5 years ago, he refused because he had grown so attached to Johnson's and the family took him as one of their own except for Chris.

Chris hated the fact that Daniel called his parents mom and dad, he also assisted his father and mother in their offices when he had the time, he was also a graduate of computer science but unlike Chris he worked as an IT consultant in a telecommunications company.

Despite not being their biological son Mr and Mrs Johnson loved and cherished Daniel because he was the son every parent would want to have and they finally adopted him as thier son and gave him their surname and since he was older than Chris he was automatically the first son but Chris did not concur to it.

Everything continued the way it was until one day a shocking news was announced on a news channel on the television

Mr Walter Johnson the CEO of conoil industries has passed away due to a plane crash aged 51

The news broke everyone's heart when it was announced because mr Walter Johnson was a good man and a philanthropist who assisted the poor without hesitation so the news of his demise broke everyone.

His family members most especially his wife broke down completely because he was hale and hearty that morning and he had used his private jet to attend an urgent meeting but unfortunately the plane had minor problems.

Chris on the other hand was happy inwardly because he would inherit everything his father owned as the only son and the thought of it made his happy but he pretended to be hurt in front of people.

Walter Johnson was buried a few days later and immediately they got home after the burial Chris demanded the will his father wrote be read out so he could claim everything and surprisingly his mother did not refuse instead she called the family lawyer to come and do his job.

The lawyer came and when everybody gathered including police officers he started reading the will

I Mr Walter Johnson wrote this will this day and it is to be read out whenever i am dead, to my son Chris Johnson i hand over the sum of ten million........

Chris interrupted the event and said

You should stop wasting time here Mr lawyer because we all know that he passed everything to me as i am the real son of the family...

Chris please sit down and listen to the lawyer

His mom interrupted him weakly

Chris obeyed and the lawyer continued

I am passing the sum of ten million naira and a house to my son so he would start a new life and i hope he makes good use of the money but to my other adopted son Daniel i am handing over my landed properties, buildings, businesses, cars and most especially i am making the new CEO of CONOIL because i believe that the young man has all it takes to take the company to the next level and continue my family legacy.

Everybody present let out a cry of joy because they knew that Chris would have misused his father's wealth.

Daniel was shocked, he had no idea of the will and he did not expect to be part of it after everything they had done for him and when he looked toward his adopted mother she smiled at him and gave him a confirmatory nod.

Chris could not believe what he had just heard and before anyone could notice he brought out a gun he had been hiding in his clothe and aimed at Daniel but fortunately he missed and the bullet hit a Window, the police swooped in immediately and took the gun from him and arrested him and there and then his mother disowned him.


Chris was sentenced to 2 years in prison for attempted murder and when he came out of prison he sold his house and used all his money to start a drug trafficking cartel but unfortunately he and his gang were caught one day trying to transport drugs to another country and this time around Chris was sentenced to life imprisonment.


Meanwhile Daniel rose from strength to strength, he became the richest man in Africa and got married to a beautiful wife and the marriage was blessed with four children.


NB: over pampering your child could lead to disastrous consequences just like Chris was spoiled in his early stages, and never look down on anyone just like Chris looked down on Daniel


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