Promise me you won't break my heart Micheal, promise me that you won't leave me for another woman.

I promise you Alicia, i won't leave you for another woman and under this full moon i make this promise to you my love.

I also promise to reject any other man that is not you, i love you Micheal.

I love you too Alicia.

They kissed and Micheal brought out a razor blade which they used to make a small cut on their thumbs and they sucked the blood that was dripping from each other's thumb.

Under this full moon i make this promise to you Alicia my love, i promise to love you and only you and if i look toward the direction of another woman or eventually marry another woman let that woman loose her pregnancies.

Micheal said and sucked Alicia's thumb again.

Under this full moon i make this promise you Michael my love, i promise to love you and only you and if i look toward the direction of another man or eventually marry another man, the man would never be successful in all his endeavors.

Alicia said and sucked Michael's thumb.

They hugged each other and rushed back to their homes to avoid anyone noticing that they were gone.

He was 17 years of age and in his final year in high school while she was 14 years of age and in 9th grade.

They went to the same school and lived in the same neighborhood, everybody knew about them including thier families.

They met a year ago and it was a case of love at first sight for them, Michael made the first move and before anyone knew what was happening they became so obsessed with each other, their obsession with each other got to the point of taking blood oaths under a full moon.

Micheal who was a very intelligent boy git admission into the University in a foreign country immediately he graduated from high school and before he went Alicia reminded him of the promise they made to each other and the consequences if he should backslide.

Michelle kept the promise he made to Alicia in the first 2 years and he regularly came back to be with Alicia but after that he stopped coming back or calling and eventually he forgot about Alicia.

Alicia waited for Michael to come back for her but he did not, she got admission into a university in her country and when it occured to her that Micheal was not coming back she moved on with her life.


Michael was now a successful business man who received international recognition for his works, he had it all, fame, power, wealth, a beautiful wife and many things any young man would wish for but something was amiss, his wife had lost five pregnancies due to miscarriage.

He did not know what was wrong, he had consulted many medical, religious and even spiritual help but none was to no avail.

He thought about Alicia and the night they made that oath but he dismissed it because he felt that they were too young and naive and that the oath was useless and stupid but after giving it much thought he decided to tell his wife about it, initially she dismissed it and called it childish but after loosing yet another pregnancy she took it serious and they decided to locate Alicia.

Alicia's life was filled with ups and downs, she was a successful fashion designer who worked with celebrities and rich people, she owned the biggest fashion designing company in the country but her relationships was not as successful as her career.

When she moved on with her life after forgetting Micheal, it did not take her long to enter another relationship because naturally she was a very beautiful girl so men swarmed around her.

She had been in 10 relationship but none worked out, the only one that did manage to lead to marriage crumbled after three months because the man suddenly went broke and lost everything he had and it did not take long for his family to associate it with Alicia and funny enough, after the marriage crumbled the man regained everything he had lost.

After that incident, men avoided her like a plague which made her emotionally drained, she remembered that oath taking night she did with Micheal, so she decided to search for him.



It did not take them long to locate each other because they were popular and rich, it was a bitter sweet reunion for them especially Alicia because she had waited for Michael but he neither texted not called, Micheal on the other hand apologized to her because he felt that she would move on with her life as they were both young when they made those promises but after discovering all the emotional pain she had went through, he apologized sincerely and luckily Alicia forgave him.

They decided to go back to the same place they made the oath so as to break the chain behind that oath, they went when the full moon appeared...

I Micheal, cancel every oath i took under the full moon and under this new full moon i proclaim that my wife will not have another miscarriage again.

I Alicia, cancel every oath i took under the full moon and under this new full moon i proclaim that my relationships will not crumble and every man i will have a relationship with will not loose his possessions and wealth.

They did not suck each other's thumbs this time around with the hope that it will reverse every oath they took, they parted ways on good terms this time around.

One year later everything became normal for them, Michael's wife gave birth to triplets and Alicia gave birth to twins after getting married shortly after the oath breaking.


Do you think that blood oaths actually work or is it a superficial belief?.


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