The day of the induction of new members of the greener pastures cult was finally happening, all the new members stood in the center and were surrounded by the older members.

Max was part of the new members that stood in the center of the large hall and he was pretty excited because he had been wanting to join this cult for a while now but membership into this cult was based on wether you knew someone already in the cult.

The greener pastures cult was arguably the biggest and most dangerous cult group in Max's university if not the most dangerous in the entire country, they had over hundred male and female members past and present scattered all over the university.

Members of this cult had some kind of immunity from many things that happen in campus like bullying, stealing and wicked lecturers.

The members had to wear something green to show their membership, they wore black hats, shoes, bags, clothes, bandanas and anything wearable that shone black and they wore a dali mask to cover their faces.


If you are a non member of this cult, you are not allowed to wear black or else you will receive severe beatings if caught.

Max was able to get into the cult because his roommate in the hostel was a member, when he found out that the guy named James was a member, he was rather happy than surprised because James was a quiet fellow.

He begged James to help him get into the cult and after many pleadings James concurred and few days later Max was being initiated into the cult.

Max's attention was brought back to the large hall filled with people by a loud voice that spoke through the microphone.

It was the spiritual commander of the cult, he was going to initiate the new members and read out the rules guiding the cult, all new members knelt down and the S.C spoke

You're all welcome to this great cult, i am not a long speaker so i will go straight to the only rule that is guiding this cult, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FIGHT OR PROVOKE ANY MEMBER OF OUR RIVAL CULT.

The rival cult was called the SHOT GUNS and were their bitter rivals for many years, in the past bloody wars occured between the two cults and they were always victims.

The war continued for years until recently when a truce was declared between the two parties and an agreement was reached that anybody from each party that beats up, fights or provokes another from the other party would cause an all out war.

For many years this agreement was upheld by both cults and it did not look like they was going to be any agreement breach.

After the initiation, Max carried himself like a king and tormented the weaker students which made people give him the nickname PUNISHER.


One day Max accosted another weak student, be beat him up and took his properties from him despite the boy begging and crying for mercy.

The next day James rushed into their room as if he was being chased by someone, he rushed Max and held him by the collar and with a fear filled voice he said

You have killed us all Max, why did you break the rule of the cult just after few days of joining?

Max was confused, he asked James

What did i do?

You beat up the younger brother of the leader of the SHOT GUN cult and he has threatened an all out war against us.

Max was shocked, his mind was taken back to the incident that happened yesterday, so the boy he beat up was the brother of the leader of the rival cult??

Max was terrified, he had just started a war between bitter rivals and to make matters worse he would have to join and fight.

OH SH*T!!!!!!

Max screamed on top of his voice.


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