The Rule Breaker|| Inkwell Prompt #57

"Rules were meant to be broken," was what Allison told herself every time she did something she wasn't supposed to do; after all, life was short, and if she played by the rules, it would only be boring.

Because of this, she always lived life on the edge, driving against traffic, going into doors that said "do not enter," and even taking what wasn't hers; she didn't care about the consequences as long as she got to "live”.


Allison's mother frequently warned her that one day she would get herself into a mess from which she might never be able to recover, but Allison didn't care about what her mother thought and continued living life vicariously.

To her, She didn't understand what gave anyone the authority to impose laws that had the capacity to dominate her life, so she did everything she could to resist.

One day, Allison and her friends decided to throw a party to celebrate a friend surviving cancer, but they ran into a major snag when no one would offer them a venue due to their bad reputation.

As a result, they decided to break one of the town's rules by throwing a party in a graveyard, which they thought was an appropriate metaphor since their friend had survived death.


They began setting up a few hours before the party, and before they knew it, people began pouring into the venue; they partied for hours before the authorities rushed in, chasing everyone away, but Allison was caught and ordered to clear the graveyard as a penalty.

She began cleaning up, but then she started hearing voices which alarmed her because she was the only one in the graveyard, she attempted to flee, but someone spoke to her;

"Allison, you chose to break the rules, and now you've disturbed our slumber; as a result, you're stuck with us."

Allison began pleading saying that she didn't want to die and that she would do anything for them to let her go after hearing what the voice said.

The voice responded by telling her to pledge to never break another rule, which she did, and she was permitted to leave.

Alison became a model citizen after that event and always tried her hardest to follow the laws, but one thing she never realized was that the voice was the product of a scheme devised by the town's residents to force her to change.


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