Usually, my holidays were spent with family but this year because of the pandemic, I couldn’t travel back home and I was really sad about it.

Even though Christmas with my family was usually very stressful, I would have preferred chores and cooking over being alone miles away but at this point, there was nothing I could do about it.

I figured that instead of sulking in my room, I would go to the town mall to see other families, and just maybe that might bring back the Christmas cheer so I got dressed in my winter clothes and headed out.

Getting to the mall, I was surprised by the number of people I met and thought to myself why there was a travel restriction if places could be this crowded.


I quickly put on my face mask and walked around trying to find where Santa Claus was because I knew that I would find a lot of families waiting in line to see him and if I was feeling it, I might also join the line and who knows maybe I could get a Christmas miracle and appear with my family.

I walked around for a bit before spotting a crowd of people and I immediately predicted that the only reason could be Santa so I walked towards them and sat on a bench.

I watched as different families stepped up to take pictures and tell Santa their wishes and in my heart, all I could wish for was not to be alone on Christmas.

I was about to walk away after realizing that seeing Santa might be impossible with the number of people waiting before I heard a voice.

“Kathrine, is that you?” The voice said

I turned around to find a familiar face that I knew attended university with me but I couldn’t precisely recall his name and I guess my face might have shown that because he immediately said;

“Killian, my name is Killian”

We decided to walk around a bit after exchanging pleasantries and he told me about how he couldn’t travel back home either and since all his friends did, he felt alone which I replied to him that I understood.

We had walked around the mall for a few minutes before finding a little café that Killian said he wanted us to go into, we entered the café, placed our order, and the conversations simply flowed out after that like we had known each other for ages.

We proceeded to speak about how lonely we felt, what we felt our families were doing and before we realized it, we were hearing the call for the closing of the mall.

We walked out of the mall and I got a taxi but before the taxi was about to drive away, Killian handed me a paper which contained his number and address and said;

“I hope we get to do this again” which made me smile.

We spent every single day after that together and at the end of the holidays, I realized that not only did my wish come true but I had a Christmas gift that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.



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