The Inkwell Prompt #39: A Hive Love Story


It all started on a hot summer day, Daisy was bored and a bit frustrated, she had been home for some months and she felt like she was stuck because her routine consisted of the same three things; wake up, eat, sleep and at that point, she wanted more.

She decided that instead of wasting time thinking about how pitiful her days were, she would go on Instagram but she didn’t realize that it would make it even worse because for every post she came across she could see an engagement announcement to a wedding party and this made her question herself thinking if she would ever have that.

She was still in thought when she heard a knock on the door of her room, she proceeded to open the door and found one of her closest friends smirking at her.

“Daisy, why do you spend so much time cooped up in this house and so if I don’t visit you, you won’t visit me right?” Her friend said

She knew her friend was right because she could count the number of times she had stepped out of her house since she moved back home and it could fit on one hand so she quickly apologized to her friend, promised to do better, and offered her a seat.

They began conversing and her friend advised her about a platform she could use to pass time since she had chosen to never step out of her house, her friend told her that the platform's name was hive and it was amazing for writers and she vividly remembered that Daisy had always loved writing.

After much convincing, Daisy decided to sign up, and the rest is history because before she could realize it, she had been writing for months and her life practically revolved around hive but, she still had a longing for more, she had a longing for love.

Fast forward to a few months after, Daisy was scrolling around her feed and she saw a reblog from one of the accounts she followed which made her decide to click on the post, It was written by an author named Chris, and it was a well-written post about all the things he felt like he was missing and, Daisy related to the post so much that she messaged him on discord.

Their conversation started simple and she told him how much she enjoyed reading his post and how she felt the same, they began conversing more, and before they could both realize it, they were falling for each other but they had one major problem which was the distance between them and even though most days they didn’t mind, it made things a bit complicated.

They had been officially dating for about 6 months when Daisy decided to end the relationship, she was tired of the distance, and Chris had promised so many times to come over but failed due to one reason or another and she couldn’t take it anymore. She composed a simple message explaining how she felt and after sending it, she blocked him on all platforms because her heart couldn’t take it.

She spent weeks crying and sulking which made her family worried but all they could do was hope she would get better which she didn’t. Weeks turned to months and on one fateful day she heard a knock on her door, she proceeded to open the door and she found Chris smiling at her.

She couldn’t believe her eyes and wondered if she had gone crazy from the grief but he hugged her and walked into her room, she offered him a seat and before she could say anything, Chris spoke.

“Daisy, I understand how you felt and I don’t hold it against you but the reason I kept canceling was that I didn’t just want to visit you and leave, I wanted to be by your side forever so I was working on transferring from my state to yours and it was a bit complicated, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to get your hopes up, and then it failed”.

He further explained to her that after she ended the relationship, the transfer pulled through and he spent weeks planning his move, he said that he was finally here and he wanted her back.

After he spoke, she couldn’t believe her ears and all she could do was burst into tears because for the first time in a long while, she had all she wanted, and her longing for more couldn’t be found anymore.


Thank you for opening this box of passion

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