The Aurora Clan!



I didn't hear her come in as I stood beside my window reminiscing what once was. Our once beautiful city of colors and fragrance was slowly turning pale and grey. The city was quite the attraction as tourists from far and wide often came to experience its beauty. Now people seldom walked the streets joyfully. They mostly sat in their homes in hopes for a better town.

Looking through the glass, I watched the dead dry leaves collide in motion as the December wind blew gently producing mild pitches. The kind that gets you feeling blue. The atmosphere looked lifeless - the plants and flowers withered away by the day, the clouds darker and the bees and butterflies were migrating to where the flowers had colors and nectar.

Something felt out of place and no one could place it. Not even the science experts trooping in from across the world. It was like all the colors were disappearing from our lives and taking the happiness with them too. There was some air of mystery to it. As the air grew colder by the day it felt too numbing even for me - a lover of gloom ever since my mother passed.

“What are you doing watching space? Common on now, you need to get dressed for the holiday fest this evening. Look! you are going to wear this. Yellow suits your beautiful tanned skin”. Rue rummaging through my closet was one of my most hated acts in the world. She brought out a yellow patterned dress holding it in front of me. It was a gift from my mother.

“You know, I think this is just what the town needs in this mysterious time we are in. This is a chance to add some hue and humor to our lives even if it is just for the moment. A time to get together and show genuine love like we used to. So don't just stand there like a boring old cat lady, get dressed”. She pulled a strand of hair from her oval-shaped face and settled the dress on my bed.

Rue had pretty moon eyes that made her olive skin pop. She had a strong confident voice. One you couldn't match with her tiny frame. She was the only friend I had - perhaps the only one that could stand my dark ever since my mother passed two years ago. Exactly the time this tragedy hit the city.

Though we had our differences, My mother was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was the sweetest soul with a big heart that accommodated everyone. I on the other hand was quite the opposite. She was a helper and a giver to everyone that knew her. Every holidays, she would make tasty and colorful treats for the kids in the community. She was loved dearly. If she wasn't making people happy, you'd find her spending quality time in her garden everyday making sure her flowers were blooming fine.

“Listen, Dahlia, we aren't missing this year's holiday party for anything in the world. Get dressed already it's almost time”. Rue beamed with so much joy and enthusiasm as she spoke. “ there's going to be a lot of colors and laughter, beautiful people, lots of music, and tasty treats. The kind you mother used to make”.

My mother... I agreed to go there because of her. A sort of tribute. It was her birthday and I remembered how she would get so excited about the holiday party. She was a major contributor as she was always helping in setting up the decorations, getting the food, and making sure everyone was comfortable.

“You need to start loving these things. You are Dahlia and soon you'd have to embrace the aurora in you”. I hated it when she said that to me any time she needed my help. I didn't like bright colors, nor flowers. Plus I loved to be left alone in my own space without a bother in the world.

I felt a little embarrassed and seen by everyone moving around like that in a yellow flower dress. “What did you make me do?” I whispered to Rue as we walked into the party arena. “Oh this is so amazing. I told you we should have gotten some costumes instead”. Rue didn't pay any attention to me. My eyes followed the direction of hers and I could see why she was so mesmerized.

The arena looked so alluring I had to admit. The scenery was bright and colorful. I could hear delightful music and a mixture of scents and aroma oozing through the entire space. Everyone looked their best. Some had these amazing costumes on - elves, pixies Nubian kings and queens, gladiators, fairies, and many more. An entire utopian theme. Everyone was happy and buzzing. Rue was right because in that moment and euphoric space, nothing but joy mattered.

Many stalls with tasty treats and tricks were lined by the side of the arena. We came to this stand where a young lady stood. She had a pretty white dress with a silver crown on. Her table contained many strange yet beautiful souvenirs and make-believe magical objects. “Gifts for your loved ones.” she said with a smile. Just as Rue and I turned to leave, she added, “I have just the right thing for you dear. Wish dust!” she beamed while looking straight into my eyes. She then handed me a small transparent bottle containing pink shiny powder. “Just make a wish and blow a little”. As if possessed by her words, I made a silent wish and blew the dust. “ are you trying to ruin my outfit?” Rue cried. We all laughed and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the evening.

I got home so exhausted. I decided to skip dinner and went straight to my bedroom. I settled in front of my dresser and looked into the mirror. I was starting to look more like my mother I thought. My wish was to see her one more time. Silly me. “Magic doesn't exist”. I wiped a strand of tear that had formed beside my left eye and coiled up in my bed feeling so alone.

Three hours later, I was awakened by a mysterious knocking sound. I thought it came from the windows. I must have forgotten to shut them. I turned to look but I was slightly blinded by a reflection from the moon. How strange it was. The light also reflected my mirror. A sort of anxiety swept through me. Soon my room was engulfed with a mild wind that sounded like hush whispers. The voices were so familiar and compelling. Without my own volition I moved to the front of my dresser.

I didn't see my reflection in the mirror. Instead I saw the moon. Full moon! In an instant, it dematerialized into fractions and materialized back into a figure in a white mother. Spellbound, I looked further behind her. I saw my grandmother and her mother before her. Three generations of women staring back at me. They all smiled and spoke in unison. “It is time to embrace the Aurora in you”.

I still hadn't gotten myself when my mother extended her hand to me through the mirror. I took her hands and like a portal, I passed seamlessly through. There were a lot more of them, including the young lady from the arena. And there I was standing in front of all these women in white flowing dresses. Their faces so charming. Their countenance exuding so much grace, power and charisma. They looked strong yet so peaceful. It was the most exhilarating thing I had ever seen.

“Listen my child. We are the Aurora clan - The sacred nurtures. I left before I could explain it all to you. You see, our lineage is responsible for the shine in this city. Everything pretty is falling apart because you are yet to embrace who you truly are. You are Dahlia. Go out there and bloom. Rejuvenate and bring life. Bring back color and laughter to the city once again. The power is in your hands now”. My mother held my hand and together with the other women we formed a very big circle holding hands. A sort of light so electrical surged through every one of us and like a trance, I woke up in my bed. In my hand was a white Dahlia!

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