The year 2016 was characterized by the worldwide boom of virtual art worldwide. That year heterogeneous meetings were held online, where they mixed from painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics to graphic and fashion design. It was there that Eugenia Albornoz met several people who would later become part of her circle of friends.

Three years have passed since that famous meeting. Eugenia is now 24 years old and has just graduated from the Arturo Monasterios Art School. Love is reflected in her face and body. She is stimulated by the light of warm colors; which she reflects, with brilliant skill, in her landscapes. She wishes to be known as the painter of naive landscapes (pseudonaif art). She will celebrate her graduation party with her internaut artists, as she calls them. To this end, she communicates with Barbara Ann.

-Hi Barbara. I'd like to let you know that I graduated last week and I would like to celebrate with my family, with you and the other Internet artists. We can meet at my cousin Rodolfo's house this Saturday at noon.

-Perfect. I'll take care of coordinating with the others. You take care of the hall where the meeting will be held,- replies Barbara Ann.

Barbara Ann Ross is an elegant 60-year-old widow who lives her life on the razor's edge of time. Her motto is "Every passing minute a new lease on life is born." The threads of her life have been woven with fabrics, beads, buttons and rhinestones, forging a career as a couture designer in New York City.

After receiving the invitation, she was thinking about the gift for her young friend. Her head was spinning from so much digging.... and a flash of inspiration came to her. Thinking out loud she said: I will design her a party dress. She has always wanted one but has not been able to buy one..... She set to work but, she remembered she had to let the others know. She would start with Wilhem. She was the only one who could stand his mood swings.

Wilhem Siegel is a 50-year-old gentleman who studied art in the U.S.A., graduating as a ceramics and color technician. Bohemian, solitary, grumpy, but also sybarite, he has spent part of his life living in different countries. This man took advantage of his experiences to create an art firm, Siegel Ceramics, which exports souvenirs to different countries. He constantly complains that no one understands him, but he is transformed when he meets with his friends; at that moment he transfers his art to the food he prepares himself.

Ring, ring, ring. The phone rings. Wilhem had just gotten up at 11 am. All night he had been working in his workshop to get the order ready for Morocco. He answers in a bad mood:

-Who is it?-

-I am Barbara. I'm calling to celebrate Eugenia's graduation.

-Okay. Give me the information. I can't take your call right now. I'm very busy, but I'll help you contact the rest of your friends.-

Wilhem, without saying goodbye, immediately hangs up the phone...... Barbara was already used to such attitudes. After bathing and drinking coffee, Wilhem's phone rings again. This time it was Gabriel, who spoke quickly:

-I'm calling to get your opinion on what colors I can use for my work Creation of the Universe. I am undecided between the ranges of blues and greens.-

Wilhem answers:

-We are meeting to celebrate Eugenia's graduation.I'll send you the details by whatsapp. We'll talk at the meeting" and immediately hangs up, grumbles and turns off the phone so he can have a quiet breakfast ..... While preparing his breakfast he remembers Gabriel and thinks to himself ......

Gabriel Marcano is young, graphic designer, has a high volume of work, his works are quoted on NFT, he aims to balance his life and silence his mind to broaden his perceptions. Maybe I need to learn something from him to change my lonely life..... After finishing his breakfast, Wilhem, decides to call Marjorie to give her the meeting information. After this he also reflects....

Marjorie Shaw, although raised on a farm in Canada, has heightened sensory perception. I've always wondered if that's something special or something that can be learned. What's wrong with me? Am I just getting old and not realizing it? ....

The day of the meeting arrives. Everyone arrives at Rodolfo's house. Wilhem, transformed, brings the Arabian food he prepared, Barbara gives Eugenia the dress, Gabriel gives her the design and the logo for Eugenia to promote herself on the Internet and Marjorie gives her a cake. Eugenia's family is fascinated. The evening was going along happily until the intrepid Rodolfo, upon learning of Marjorie's sensory perception, asks:

-When did you understand that it was a useful tool?-

On my walks in the woods, near the farm, in a state of expanded consciousness, I remember that I was able to know where each animal was without looking at it, and I could also detect its emotions. I would walk with my eyes closed and I could feel the trees long before I touched them. The trees were brightly colored. I discovered over time that I could see those colors and detect emotions in everything. These secret walks in the forest led me to capture nature in a different way in my artwork.

-And what do you do?-

-I am an entertainer on a cruise for senior citizens and millionaires. The next cruise will be in the Caribbean, would you like to come? There are special prices for groups.

At that moment he presents Eugenia with her ticket to the Caribbean. Everyone applauds. Suddenly Marjorie becomes pensive ...... and comments:

-What do you think if we all go on the cruise? It comes to my mind to organize an art festival for the passengers. There we would exhibit our works to sell them. The money thus raised would be donated to the Institute, La Vida Continúa, which is dedicated to the care of the elderly who have no family.-

Everyone approved the proposal. Immediately they began to talk about which works they would select to take on the cruise.

Art Festival on the Cruise Ship by María del Carmen Sánchez Copyright © 2022

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