The Ink Well Prompt #23: Picnic/ Carmen Leah, the mischievous Luna and the different picnic



The Brown family decided to plan a picnic. To do so, they called a meeting with all the members of the Jones and Taylor families. They would choose by majority vote where they would go.

The meeting would take place during a picnic that the Browns hosted for their guests at their home.

They arrived Thursday afternoon at the appointed time. They were met by Mrs. Audrey Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Kimberly and Ethan, were the first to arrive with their daughters Vanessa and Sally. They brought her the proposal for the picnic lunch. It would consist of bringing sandwiches for all tastes of meat, fish, vegetables and of course desserts. With this there would be a contest. The winner would get a free lunch at a famous restaurant in town, El Rodeo Grill.

Half an hour later would come Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Ralph and Marilyn, with their sons Milton, Gary and Steve.

Once all the guests had arrived, Mrs. Jones served them delicious sandwiches of smoked salmon, roast beef and Spanish omelet. She also included paprika and eggplant creams, of Arabian origin. In addition to the savory snacks, she offered a delicious pumpkin cake, her daughter Carmen Leah's favorite. For drinks she offered a delicious mango juice, and for the older ones a chocolate punch, her husband's favorite.

In between sandwiches, the Jones' other children, Peter and Elton, young men in their twenties who decided to join them for the picnic, arrive.

Peter says to his mother:

-Mom, remember that the day we go to the picnic coincides with the day we celebrate, in the Catholic saints' calendar, the day of Carmen. We always celebrate it for my sister. It is a tradition in honor of the Spanish great-grandmother Carmen Patiño, who was the one who left us that legacy- -Oh, oh!
-Oh, oh! I forgot. I'll share it with Carmen Leah and our guests," Kimberly replied.

So she did. The guests then decided to let Carmen choose the picnic site.

-I prefer to go to the beach, it's only an hour away. We have already prepared the food. This way I can take the opportunity to take a dip. My skin is still very white from the long winter we had this year, I'd like to take some sun and get a tan. What do you think? Raise your hand to see if you agree," says Carmen.

Everyone loved the idea. They agreed with Carmen.

They set the departure time, it would be at 6 am sharp to be able to enjoy in peace.
They said goodbye. Two days later the three families were at the agreed place and time.

Carmen, the honoree, decided to take her beloved pet "Luna", a white-furred poodle.

They took the zigzagging road that led to the beach. It had rained and they were going carefully. Suddenly they saw a landslide on the road. There was no way through.
Mr. Jones got out of the car and in an oversight Luna got out; the first thing she did was to go to the mud and she rolled happily there. Her owner had no alternative but to carry her and put her in a cloth sack so that she would not dirty the car.

They decided to return but they had an idea. They would go to El Recreo Park, a park with lush trees and a picnic area.
Everything was solved and they continued with their plans. When they arrived, the famous mascot was at it again. He escaped and went to the lake. There she swam for a while. Her owner called her, showing her a bone:

-Luna, Luna, come back.

To which the animal came quickly out of the water.

Afterwards, the beautiful tablecloth embroidered by Mrs. Taylor's mother was laid out. The other ladies helped to set up the cake, the sandwiches and the other items.
Once everyone was gathered, they shared the food. They shared games, anecdotes, jokes and gossip......

They had already been in the park for two hours when they decided to draw the prize. To do so, they took a hat and each one wrote their name on a piece of paper and placed it in the hat. Once everything was ready, a five year old boy who was in the park drew the winning paper: Sally.

-What bad luck. I just won that prize as a vegetarian. Can't I go somewhere else," Sally answered.

-No, in that case we will draw again," says Mr. Jones.

They draw lots and Peter wins the prize. He was happy and said:

-Thank you, I will taste a mixed grill.

Let's get the cake, reminds Carmen.

-The cake is gone, it's not here. Someone moved it? says Alessa.

-No, search well," says Sally.

Where is Luna? Gary asks.

-I don't know. I don't see her. I'm going to look for her," answers Carmen.

But they don't realize that the naughty Luna, who likes sweets and vegetables, had eaten part of the cake.

Furious Mrs. Brown scolds her daughter for taking the dog to the picnic.

At that the shy Steve answers her laughing:

-It's no big deal Mrs. Brown...... these things don't happen every day. Let's enjoy it. It's a special day and the celebration was special. Everything was different this time!

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