The Ink Well Prompt #18: Change. He came back to life and change his destiny

I titled this story: he came back to life to change his destiny.

It narrates the experience of a man who dies, but miraculously is given the opportunity to come back to life. For this, the condition is simple: to change some reactions, about his life, that he has been carrying with him since childhood.

Let's start:



Ernest and Janet Williamson, mother and son, were watching television in the recreation room at the top of the house. Unexpectedly ...... Bang! Bang! there's a noise....

-The sound seems to be in Dad's office," says Ernest to his mother.

-Let's go," Janet replies. They ran down the stairs and entered the office, which is located in the lower part of the house. There they found Mr. Marc Williamson lying on the floor. Apparently he had slipped and hit his head on the glass of the desk cabinet.

-Marc, Marc, Marc," Janet shouts. But Marc doesn't answer.

-Thank God he's breathing," Ernest answers. But watching him better ....

-Mom, look, dad is bleeding from the head; besides, his bottle of pills, which he takes for his blood pressure, is open. Something has happened to him. Hurry up and call the ambulance," Ernest says.

Mrs. Williamson picks up the telephone on her husband's desk and dials the emergency number. The operator answers and says that the ambulance will be sent immediately to give him first aid and take him to a medical center if necessary.
Janet tells her son that it is better not to move him until the ambulance arrives. She is afraid that something else could happen to him that could be fatal and then ....... will blame them for it.

weeooo weeooo weeooo weeooo The ambulance arrives and parks at the curb of the Williamson's house. They rush into the office where Mr. Marc lies. The paramedics attend to him and say that his blood pressure is perfect but it is better to take him to the Royal Melbourne Hospital-Parkville, which is the closest to the residence, for a more thorough check-up and to see why he has not yet regained consciousness.

The paramedics lift Mr. Marc off the floor and onto the stretcher. They suggest to the family that they take their car to the hospital, to the emergency section, which is where Marc would be admitted.
Once inside the ambulance, among themselves, they comment that it could be a stroke but, until they do the pertinent tests, they will not know the seriousness of the damage. For this reason they decide to warn the family to prepare for the worst.

The ambulance arrives at the hospital. Marc is rushed downstairs and the paramedics yell out

  • Move out of the way, make way, it's an emergency!

In these cases, the time that elapses from the occurrence of the event until the patient's diagnosis is determined is vital.
Dr. Kent Einstein, an internist and cardiologist, arrives to examine the patient. At that moment, the patient's breathing stops. He calls the emergency medical team, and they apply the appropriate procedures......

-We're losing him, we're losing him," says a distraught Dr. Nayarit Ferguson.

The patient, suddenly and unexpectedly for the doctors, opens his eyes for a few seconds and says, "Sorry, sorry, sorry. He immediately closes his eyes again and his vital signs go out.

-There is nothing to be done now. Tell the next of kin," says Dr. Fergurson with emotion.

Doctor Einstein is in charge of giving the bad news to the family. He looks for her and addressing them, he says:
-I'm sorry, we did everything we could to save her life.

Mrs. Janet immediately enters to see her husband, followed by her son.
Crying, on top of her husband's body, she whispers to herself "if Marc had changed his way of seeing life" ....... he would still be alive today.

What no one suspected was what was happening to Marc at that moment.
Marc heard everything, ever since he fell to the ground, and he never lost his hearing. Yet the doctors only heard him when he said the word sorry. Then came the fatal outcome and he was pronounced dead.

But Marc didn't understand anything; he still believed he was alive and would recover...... until he became conscious........ Suddenly he saw himself going up a dark tunnel and at the end of it a white light appeared. It was a special light, he had never seen anything like it before. He moves forward and finds a field of spectacular beauty. He is ecstatic with such beauty. This looks like paradise, he thinks. And suddenly he appears in a room, where there is a round table, with 3 people waiting for him. .......

-Come in, Marc," says Grandpa Phillip, the oldest.

Marc is astonished and enters the meeting. He sits down and they explain to him:

-We are the Council of Elders in charge of showing you the mistakes you made in your life, for not wanting to change, things at the time, and for denying your earthly parents. We decided to give you a chance, as long as you agree, after showing you your life-

Marc answers, still confused, "Yes, I agree. I want to go back to my family. I love them, but they don't understand me. I hear you.

Richard, the youngest elder, tells him:

-We are going to show you what you can change in your life. By doing so, everything will be different. Let's begin:

During your childhood and adolescence you felt very lonely. You are an only child. You were always overprotected. That feeling of loneliness that you claimed so much from your parents was part of the plan, of your life, on earth. That was one of your missions. That fact led you to develop the qualities of being equanimous with your colleagues and friends, achieving goals when you work in a team, this is summarized in one word "triumph". With those qualities you achieved the economic position you have now.

In your adulthood you had some mistakes. I will mention the important ones for change. The lack of sorry for your parents. Although we know that this is unconscious. That's why it has cost you so much ....... and you don't understand it.

You also sometimes forget to share as a family. Because you haven't healed your relationship with your parents, you repeat the lesson differently with your child.

Your wife would like to spend more time with you, but you feel suffocated for that reason. You don't understand yourself. You like to share but you need independence at the same time. Here you have to learn to strike a balance.

And one last one, your health. You have to take care of it. And for that you have to change the way you look at life and change your emotions.

Now the elder Arnold intervenes and says:
-you are going to see, in your mind, like a movie. Then you will understand what we tell you and you will decide whether to stay here or go back to your earthly family.

Marc concentrates........ Suddenly he starts to cry and in this way he unburdens himself. He has understood everything that the "council of elders" said. He wants to return again to his body to make the changes, which he has yet to learn, to be happy for him and his family.

The elders, sensing Marc's decision, arrange everything to return him to his body.
Marc returns again through the tunnel and ....... starts shouting: -I am alive, I am alive, don't let me die!

Doctor Nayarit, who was still in the room with the relatives, ran in bewilderment to verify what was happening. When she saw him sitting on the bed she was very happy. Marc wanted to talk to everyone but she convinced him to take a sedative, rest and then he would tell what had happened.

So they did. After three hours, which was the time suggested by the Doctor, Marc would summon, together with his family, all those who had helped him to tell them what had happened.

This was done and everyone, at the end of Marc's story, understood that changes in life are useful; if they are not made at the right time, they remain pending as lessons to be learned.

The Williamson family left the hospital for home. There, gathered together, they thanked God for reviving Marc and changing his destiny.

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