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Joan and I have been best of friends from childhood. We did everything together. We attended same school as kids. We were seatmates too. Wherever you see Joan, you will see me. We did practically everything together. She was the sister I never had.

We both got admission into the university but not the same school. She got admitted to attend, Niger Delta University while I got admitted to attend Federal University Otuoke but both universities were situated in the same state, Bayelsa state. We weren't completely happy about the different institutions we were going to attend but we however consoled ourselves that it was in the same state.

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While in the university, we would visit each other. We spent most of our weekends at each other's house. We would gist about the courses which was giving us problem and look for a solution to them. Our friendship was the envy of everyone. Everyone admired how we both kept our friendship from childhood. We would respond and say we were created for each other .

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One day while Joan came over to visit me for the weekend, we decided to hang out that Friday evening. We went to the club house to unwind. Half way into the party, a stranger approached us. He was good looking with a pronounced masculine body. In fact, I fell in love with him at first sight. Joan on the other hand liked him too. He talked to both of us and kept us company the whole time we were there.

It was time to go home. He offered to give us a lift which we obliged him. He drove us to my house and just as we were about to alight, he beckoned on me to give him few minutes. I did and we eventually exchanged numbers as that was what he requested. I noticed that my friend Joan started acting strangely from that moment but I didn't let it bother me at first. I wasn't sure if there was a problem. I thought it was probably her being tired and her urgent need to rest. So I let it slide.

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Jerry called me later that night and we had a long chat. We talked like we had known each other for a long time. He was the kind of man I wanted. So intelligent, good looking and jovial with a very good sense of humour. " Aaah, I have found love" I said in my heart. Little did I know that my conversation was beginning to irritate my friend.

After the conversation, she asked me why I was so happy talking to a stranger. I laughed and called her mummy. I felt she was becoming too protective just like my mummy. I told her to relax that there was nothing going on for now and even if anything will spark, it wouldn't be so soon. She explained how dissatisfied she was with the whole scenario and I assured her that I would be careful.

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Days passed by, Jerry and I became so close and we started having an affair. When I broke the news to my friend, she was upset. " what is wrong with you? You just met this guy few weeks ago and you are now over head heels in love with him. Are you okay? ". Joan wasn't going to let me have this relationship. She said to me bluntly that she would do anything to break us.

That was how she left and our relationship turned sour. I tried reaching her a couple of times and she refused to take her calls. I visited her at her school and didn't see her because she didn't want to see me. One time I went to her house in the night hoping that she won't send me away since it was late. I got the shock of my life when she refused to open the door for me. I had to go to a hotel to lodge that night. On my way back home, I deleted her number and that was the end of our friendship for me.

Till date, I am yet to know what caused the problem between us. Was she also in love with him? What went SOUR? I have been asking myself this question for years. I am writing this, hoping that one day someone will see this and may have an answer to my questions.

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There is a knock on the door, Amanda realizes that she has been in her study writing her story for a long time. She hurriedly hides her diary and heads out to welcome Jerry her husband.

Thank you for reading.

See you again.

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