The tale of two best friends

A very long time ago, there lived two best friends. Mosquitoe and man. They lived together in a land called earthia. They shared everything in common. There were hardly without each other. They were so cool together that they knew each other's move. One could tell what the other will say at a given time.


This went on for a long time until one day, Mosquitoe wanted to visit his sick mother. He begged man to help him get some herbs in the bush as man had a better knowledge of herbs and their uses. Man agreed and said he was going to do it in the evening. Mosquitoe agreed and left for the market to buy some things that he would take alongside the herbs to visit him mother.


When it was evening, man left for the bush to go get the herbs he had promised his best friend. When he got to the bush, he plucked what he thought was the herbs his best friend wanted and headed home.

When he got home, he didn't see his friend. He put the herbs in the bag mosquitoe had packed for his journey. He waited for an hour and since they were no signs of his best friend's arrival, he stepped out to look for his friend mosquitoe.


On his way, he met lizard who was also coming to visit him. Lizard narrated how his son fell into a big pot of water and has been struggling to come out. On hearing this, man ran ahead of lizard to help rescue his son. He got to lizard's house and pulled his son out of the pot of water. Lizard thanked him and he left. Happily, he went back home hoping to narrate his super hero stunt to his best friend.

When he got home, he saw a note which mosquitoe left explaining how he got an emergency message from his sick mum to come immediately. Man thought that it was a serious situation. He packed his bags to visit mosquitoe and his mum.


When he got there, he heard some strange sounds. He was eager to know what was going on, so he rushed inside the house. He was told that mosquitoe's mum had died after taking a substance that his best friend had given him. Man was surprised as he didn't believe that mosquitoe would kill his own mum.

He went to search for mosquitoe and saw him crying at the back of the house. When he got close to him to console him, mosquitoe shouted and asked him to leave his house and never to come back again. Man was surprised at his friend's reaction.

He asked what the problem was and mosquitoe told him how the herbs he gave him killed his mother.
Mosquitoe called everyone to come and beat up man as he had killed his mum. Man ran for his dear life.

Since then, man and mosquitoe have not been in good terms. Mosquitoe vowed to make man restless for the rest man's life. Wherever mosquitoe found man, he made sure man had no peace.

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