Make, Break


Mr Williams' family is a small one. His wife Jane had passed on a very long time ago leaving her two girls Lisa (8years old) and Maria (5years old) behind. When the news of her death came home, Mr Williams was emotionally traumatized for years. Up till now, he hasn't gotten over her loss and he has refused to remarry.

I don't want another woman. I have my girls to always take care of. He usually says when asked to remarry. It's been 10 years since Jane passed away and every time, Mr Williams still remembers her.


Just last week, he came home and saw the girls fighting over who would do the dishes.
I can't believe you girls still fight over this issue. Lisa, you are the eldest and you should fix things in the house. And you Maria, why can't you just behave well and do things properly. You should wash the dishes after eating. Why do you always fight in this house? Mr Williams was furious with the girls. He had just come home from work after a very long day and needed to rest too.
Henceforth, no more fighting. No matter what happens, nobody should fight in my house for any reason. Anyone who fights, will leave for grandma's place for a week. Is that understood?


Grandma is an old fashioned kind of woman. She believes in respect and as such anyone who misbehaves, do not eat for the night as her own way of punishment. She would wake you up in the middle of the night and admonish you for straight two hours and if try to sleep while she is talking, she will yell into your ears. Lisa and maria do not joke with their sleep and as such do not love to go to grandma's house.

The next day, Lisa and Maria head out for school . Goodbye daddy the girls said. Goodbye angels. He kisses their forehead and they leave.

Almost immediately, Mr Williams hears a bang coming from the children's room. He rushes to the door and realized that there is someone in the room. He quietly calls 911 and heads to the kitchen to get the mop stick as that was what he could find handy and headed back to the children's room. He opens and door and sees the thief trying to steal the girl's laptop. He jumps on him and they both struggle for their freedom. They continue to fight. Mr Williams succeeds to pin the thief down and tie him with the children's bed sheet until the police arrives.

When the children got back from school, the event that occurred was narrated to them.
How did he get into the house daddy? Maria wondered. Through the window of course. I have told you girls severally to always lock your windows. Mr Williams replied.
But daddy we did just that before we left for school this morning. Lisa answered.
No, you didn't. You closed the window but forgot to lock it. Well, I am happy he didn't hurt you girls or take any personal belongings. Please we all need to be very careful always. Mr Williams admonished the girls. He leaves for his room.


Daddy can I come in? Lisa said as she knocks on the door. The door is open, Mr Williams replied.

Lisa and maria walked in. They sit on the bed looking at their father with keen interest.
What's going on? Why are you both looking at me this way. Mr Williams inquired. The girls whisper to themselves. This makes Mr Williams curious.

Are you both going to talk now or should I ask you both to leave so I can rest? I am tired. My back aches from the struggling.

Yes that, Maria said. What? Asked Mr Williams. The fight daddy, Lisa added. What fight? Mr Williams was confused. *You fought with a man in the house *said Lisa. Mr Williams looked so confused. He didn't understand where the girls were driving at.

I fought with a thief you mean? He replied Lisa. They girls paused for a while whispering to themselves again. Daddy, whether it was a thief or anyone else, you fought with somebody in the house. Maria said. Still confused at the girls, Mr Williams asked what they were up to as he was yet to understand where they were driving at.

Okay daddy, let me explain. Just yesterday, you made a rule that no one should fight in this house no matter what happens. But you broke the rule by fighting, Maria explained.

Mr Williams was dumbfounded. He was shocked that it was written all over his face. He didn't believe what his girls had said to him.

Wait what? You think I broke the rule? I was trying to protect myself and my girls. What if he was still in your room when you returned? What if he had done something really silly to you girls in my absence? He said angrily.

Still doesn't matter daddy, you should have taken him outside of the house to fight because you said no fighting in this house. On that note daddy, you have to get ready for grandma's place tonight. Lisa said.

But this is an exceptional case girls. It was self-defense. Mr Williams explained. *Well daddy you made the rules and you didn't add exceptions. *Maria replied.


Mr Williams looked at his girls and didn't know what to say. The girls got up and headed to his wardrobe to pack his bag.

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