The Inkwell Prompt #50

Turning back to challenge whoever it was that had the boldness to push me down, I saw this fat guy with his big-sized shoe lifted above my head as if he wants to smash an ant. The look on his face showed that he is not in a good mood. I had no option but to withdraw the attempt to fight back. I wouldn't want to engage in an adventure that the outcome is obvious.

Hey buddy, you must be the so-called Goldie?. The fat boy roared.

Y-E.A-H, I am Goldie, but whatever it is, am sure we can settle it peacefully.

No, buddy, you have to pay for getting my brother, Peter expelled and exposing our cult group.

IMAGE SOURCE UNSPLASH by Museums Victoria.

Peter happened to be my classmate who was with " microchips" ( a small piece of paper with solutions to possible questions ) during our exam. The problem started when the class teacher found one of the microchips around the region where Peter and some other students were seating. We all knew that Peter is the only one in our class capable of bringing in such an exhibit, but we were scared to speak up for fear of what he will do to us. The teacher then threaten to punish every student in the region where the paper was picked up if they can't provide the culprit.
I wanted to ignore the whole situation and focus on finishing my questions before the allotted time since I am not in the said region, but a voice whispered to me, " evil prevails because good people refuse to speak up ".

At this point, I felt the need to do the right thing for once. Peter has been bullying some of us for a long time, but we never had the gut to report him, perhaps this is why he has not changed. So, I said to myself, if am to do this, I need to be diplomatic. Raising my hand, I said to my teacher;

Ms. Chamberlain, can I say something? Class Rep, you can go ahead,He replied.

It will be easy to get the culprit by cross-checking the handwriting on the paper with the answer script of everyone in that region. I know some of my classmates may know the culprit but in this school, many bullies and cultists torment other students. No one would want to be their enemy. The sad part of it is that you won't know those involved until you cross their part

Ms. Chamberlain decided to follow my suggestion for the sake of continuing the exam but with an instruction that there will be a meeting immediately after the exam to trash out all the irregularities happening in the school. Not quite long, Peter was singled out and sent to the principal office for the offense. Expulsion is the punishment for exam malpractice in our school.

After the exam, Ms. Chamberlain asked us to share all the issues that we have been facing in the class. It was at this point that I came to understand that many girls have been molested by Peter and his group of friends, some students have their money taken away and others have been bullied for fun. Ms. Chamberlain took the whole story to the principal office. The principal pulled a fast reaction by calling for an emergence meeting for the whole students at the school Auditorium. The break period was used for the meeting and every student was asked to submit names of those who have in one way or the other subjected them to torment. We were also admonished on the need to speak up against evil.

I was at the recreational ground meditating on the whole incident while waiting for my father. It was there that Peter's brother attacked me.

Do you think that the principal and the teacher can stop us? The cliques in the school have been around for years, no one can root it out easily, Peter's brother said while dragging me up from the ground.

The other guys with him had their belts on their hands. They planned to give me some lashes that will sound like an example to other students when they hear my ordeal, but just as fate may have it, some policemen rushed out from where they were hiding. I was surprised to see them. The guys tried to run but there was no way to escape as they have been surrounded.

As I was still watching the guys handcuffed, the principal and my teacher came out, he told me that they suspected that I will be attacked and so have informed the police earlier. He turn to Peter's brother and said;

Jamal, you have been in detention several times yet, you have refused to change. I am going to use you and your friends as examples for other bad eggs to learn from. Indeed, my mood changed and I started shedding tears of joy. I am happy that my action paid out in the end. I picked up my shoes which left my foot when I was pushed down and head towards my daddy's car. He came in when the policemen were taking the boys away. To others, it might be an incident, but it is an adventure for me. An adventure that I thought would be risky.

This is my entry for the @theinkwell prompt. The prompts words are the adventure, mood, and shoe.

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