The Ink Well Prompt: Love Conquers

Johnson met Jennifer at his cousin's birthday party. He was sitting on one of the couches when he saw her walk in. He can perceive her perfume right from his end. He couldn't resist the urge to approach her.

Hello, milady, can I be your guide?

Jennifer smiled and asked him,

can you guide me to the passage that leads to the underworld, where I will meet the gatekeeper.

Johnson replied I am the best transporter you can ever think of. I have traveled far and wild, the underworld is the least of the places I have gone.

They both laughed and Jennifer followed him to the couch. It was easy for her to give Johnson a chance because she likes guys who have their ways with words. They had a long chat filled with laughter. Johnson drove her home later.

Their love grew stronger by the day and they soon became fond of each other that a day can never pass without seeing each other. However, Jennifer feels that Johnson has a cockroach in his cupboard; he has neither allowed him into his house nor talked about his family. They either met in the hotel or Jennifer's house but not at his house.

As their love grows, so does the fear in Johnson's heart. He is not just afraid that things will change if his real identity is revealed, but also that Jennifer will meet the same fate as Rita. He wouldn't want to be responsible for the death of another lady.

Each time he remembers how Rita was torn apart by his brother Peter, he feels sad and blames himself for her death.

Rita died on a full moon when he wanted to surprise Johnson by visiting him in his house. It was Johnson's fault because he has prevented Rita from visiting him. Rita was able to trace his house but was unlucky to visit on such a day as the day of the full moon. They have chained themselves in the underground part of their house but Peter's chain couldn't hold him. He escaped from the underground and ended up tearing their visitor apart. Johnson mourned her for five years and even packed out of their family house. Jennifer was the first lady he talked to since the death of Rita.

It was three days to the full moon, and Johnson decided to take a leap of faith, at least to clear his fear. He took Jennifer to his house. After entertaining her, he told her that he would love to show her a secret that could change everything between them. He then took her to the underground. There he showed her chains and bolts. He explained to her about his kind and what the chains are for. He ended up telling her Rita's story and why he wouldn't want such a thing to repeat. He told her that he will respect whatever decision she makes afterward, and begs her to keep her little secret safe, irrespective of the outcome of her decision.

IMAGE SOURCE by Edrin Spahiu

Jennifer couldn't believe her ears and ran home. She cried all night long. She didn't pick Johnson's call for two days, neither did she leave her house. On the third day, Johnson sent her a message,

I am sorry for everything, I wish I can change who I am. I wish it was easy for me to tell you about myself on the first day we met. Please forgive me. Today is a full moon and I will be going on the painful journey of transformation. I will carry the moments we spent together at heart. I believe it will make the journey lighter.

Jennifer read the message several times and finally made up her mind to go for what she wanted. She went to Johnson's house a few hours before the full moon. Johnson was surprised to see her and tried everything to chase her away because it seemed risky, but all was abortive. She took him outside and under the moon, she said to him,

Our Love appears to be a love that will lead to pains and wars, but I don't care, I love you and that's all that matters. Let me share in your pain. Let me walk the deadly part with you.

He couldn't believe what he heard. He looked at her with tears rolling down his cheek. Indeed, their love was strengthened by the light of the moon. Jennifer hurried home afterward while Johnson went back to prepare for the big day.

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