I'm ruined



I wake up in the early morning, I am sleepless.

I enter a chat room to kill time and a group of exalted people are constantly repeating words like "This is ruin" "I'm ruined."

After saying hello, I ask what they are talking about and they tell me that they have invested a large sum of money in a cryptocurrency called Radium and it has fallen sharply.

I remember the stock market scandal of a few years ago and I continue to inquire, now curious, about the subject but there are few who wish to respond so I apply the old adage, "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" and say that I am also concerned because I have made a million dollar investment in that currency.

As if I had practiced a magic act, everyone bombarded me with questions and I managed to dodge them as best I could, but something began to bother me.

Will I be ruined if the currency price does not rise?

As the minutes go by, hopeful voices are added saying.

-It's already going up.

It has actually increased in value by a few cents.

I get up and have a cup of coffee without sugar to lower my stress and go back to the novel marketplace that the chat room has become.

-If I were you, I would be on the verge of suicide, -says one of them.

-Sell before you lose everything -advises another.

-How much did you buy for? -says a third.

-At ten dollars, -I answer.

-Imagine and it's at 5 and falling, you've already lost half your investment.

Suddenly it's all coming at me.

I activate the calculator and start calculating the amount of money that has gone down the toilet because of a rumor that is what is causing the downturn.

I get a knot in my stomach.

The amount is more than a year's worth of my work.

I feel like I've been fleeced in a cheating casino.

No doubt I will need a shot of valerian if the cost of currency continues to fall.

-It has stopped falling, -writes one of them.

Suddenly a new member appears in the chat and writes to me.

-I buy as many as you have for $8.

I do a quick calculation and think:

"I'm only going to lose 20%, I'll sell them."

It is at that moment that I realize that I don't own any of those coins, that I don't even know them, and that I have let myself be carried away by the rhythm of the conversations.

I get up and have another cup of coffee without sugar.

I better go to sleep.

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