The Night Will Speak. (An Original Poetry)


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The night will speak,
in voices of frogs and crickets
as the lapping waters
trickles from valley to valley!
as time snores on,
lights dying somberly
as kerosene is vanquished
darkness takes center stage!
revealing to the heart
things that frightens the eyes

The night will speak,
in a thousand barritone!
of lush and violence manner,
the rats will squeal,
peeling off in darts
as their tiny legs sends
the little ones shrieking in disbelief
on an on we slumber again,
as we dream of the mambas
in the forest grasses

The night will speak!
to weary bones
transcending into realms
when at the helm,
we've held onto boats
conveying us afar off
and the rain gentle throttles
like the hooves of lambs
on our very cheeks

The night will speak
in the refrains of a bard!
whispering in solemnity,
of similes and metaphors.
who will paint empty images?
when moments are left
that should captivate us?
our hour is come!
like a spill of a milk
mistakes are born
when we slumper
and the nights spurs on and on

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My name is @Josediccus, a young Nigerian student who is a Dtuber, 📷 Psychologist, Poet And Sports Writer/Analyst. I'm using my contents as a process to create shared meaning as well as create expressions through which people on/off steem can relate. I believe content is a process to be enjoyed and relished and I'm up for any collaborations in my field stated above. Cheers

@Josediccus, your brother in pen and video 📷

I'm hoping to reach more people who are broken at heart and spirit, so share on any platform or resteem

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