The Secured Ticket.

There was still rain drops, she waited for some time for the rain to stop, it reduced but it can still get her wet.
She checked the time it was 5 minutes pass the hour 4 in the evening. She sighed, she was already late for her business, the rain was a good deal to her business.
Without thinking much again,she entered the rain and began to run to her shop.
The thought of shop gave her hope,at least shop for the start.


She sales hot fries in the roadside,in front of a well known company under an umbrella.
She set her equipments and started business without drying herself. "The fire will dry the wet clothes" she said to herself getting busy.
In no time her fries was sold out before 7pm.
"Ooooh what a lucky day, I love you rain" she said raising her hands to the sky.
She washed her utensils, she forgot to keep fries for herself.
"no problem, stomach let's stay hungry today please" she said touching her stomach.
As she walked through the streets,she perceived a nice aroma from a big restaurant.
Something in her longed for the food, unconsciously she checked her pocket and removed her hands when she remembered what the money was for.
She got home, removed all the money she had made so far from her fries counted it and nodded her head. She was ready for tomorrow the deal day.



She woke up that day smiling plenty, she was energetic.
The said day is here, and she was glad to be able to meet up.
She had her bath, dressed up and went to register for the entrance exams.
She got there and saw a lot of people, they were not just ordinary people like her, it was rich people stepping out from there cars.
This scared her, what if when she gets in and owe a term of her fees. She was sure they will drive her out and replace her with a rich person.
"your name please" the registry said.
"Dean Pinky" she replied.
"okay, congratulations your exams is in a week" the registry informed her.
She collected her slip and left, holding it like a treasure. "this is a ticket to my future" she said grinning.

She had made inquiries of how much her fees for the three years will be, she started working towards it.
She applied for multiple part time jobs, leaving the time for her business 3pm-8pm out.
She could work before and after that time, she was confident of getting in.
She bought a recorder, record all the notes and likely questions on the entrance exams.
She had those materials for two years now but couldn't pay for the entrance exams.


As she worked,she listened to what she recorded.
She was glad how much she made each day after her part time jobs.

She woke up that day with creaking bones, she barely slept for 30 minutes before her alarm woke her up.
She stretched herself and began to revise all she read so far.
Book in one hand and toothbrush on the other hand as she prepared.

She solved all the questions given to her carefully.
Two days later the list of people accepted came out, it was a long list of 30 candidates.
She was shaking as she checked it, more than 70 people wrote that entrance exams.
"God please, God please" she continued saying as she ran her eyes through the list.
"wow, that's my name on number 30" she shouted happily.

It was a real struggle to pay her fees, working and studying was a big frustration.
She often cried wishing her parents hadn't died in that car accident that day.
The gossip about sorting courses she hears saddens her the more.
She refused to give up she had come this far, there is no use of going back. This hill she must climb to the peak, it was her final year.
She worked harder putting her all to it.

Everywhere was decorated, rich parents and students filled the hall entrance with their luxury cars.
The hall was noisy, chatting and compliments from every corner.
She went in and sat quietly at the middle, she wanted the whole event to finish so she can go sleep.

"and the best overall student, who will get a ticket to work with Jones and Castle Hill company is Dean Pinky" the vice chancellor announced.

"what I?" she asked, surprised.
She robbed her eyes, it wasn't a dream.
A heavenly dove was on her head, it's feet was cold and warm, the sun shines brightly filled with rainbow colors.
It was a day to remember, she felt like shouting loud for Joy.
As she stood up, they made way for her to pass.



At home that day she danced her soul out,her joy held no bounds.
"I made it, God did it all" she shouted.

Thanks for reading.
This is my entry to the inkwell week's prompt : blossom

Have a blessed day.

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