Rule to continue or not?


It was Peggy's first year in the university, she was so excited. She already made list of things she would love to do and achieve.
Yah, she knows she is in school to study but a little fun won't harm, right it wasn't a bad idea.
She had read a lot of books on how the university environment works. But it was a little bit different from what she imagined.
Well, she is here so will have to explore in areas she could.
She specifically mapped out time for a tour round the campus.
The orientation she got wasn't enough for her, she will make more inquiries maybe they filtered some things during the orientation because it felt empty.
She walked round and was immersed in the campus beauty. She passed people dancing, she loved it and promised herself to join the group soon. Let's settle down first, tomorrow is another day.
She went to the notice board to check where she will be staying in the school hostel.
She saw her name on number 46 on the list, she traced it and saw the room number 134.
She prayed for the room to be nice, she went to pick her belongings from the portal's lodge.
She filled the form given to her submitted it before she was allowed to carry her belongings.



When she got to the room it was a mess, she never expected it. It came as a shock to her she picked broom and mop stick to clean up.
She wanted to be done with arranging her things on time, a flayer was given to her when she was coming back from her tour. There was freshers party by a drama group she wanted to attend have fun and meet people.
She was cleaning with full speed putting all her strength to it, in less than half an hour she was done.
She rushed and showered, removed her clothes and picked her favorite jeans trousers and a crop top to match.

At the entrance,she was asked questions before she was allowed to enter.
The party was fun, she made new friends that also stay in the school hostel and surprisingly their rooms was not far from hers.
She was very happy she went for the party. She came back was so tired she didn't know when she slept off.
The hard knocking on the door woke her up from sleep it was morning already.
She opened the door to see someone with a lot of luggages.
"hello, we are sharing the room" the girl informed her not allowing her to ask further questions.
She was so bittered, she wanted to make a lot of friends but the idea of staying with someone was not part of it.
And with the new girl's attitude is what she was not ready to deal with.
She didn't ask further questions, she just answered her "okay" helped her with some of her luggage, excused herself quickly prepared for lectures and left the room.
Her head was still banging as she dragged herself to the lecture hall.



Her first lecture was not that bad, with time she will get use to them she encouraged herself.
The second lecture was just too much, a lot of assignments was given to be submitted.
They were also informed to register for the courses they are going to take for the semester.
After lectures she stopped by the library read few notes before heading to the hostel.



She came back to see her new roommate rearrange the whole room. She was furious but decided to be calm, she was very tired and hungry. She dropped her bag went to the cafeteria to eat.

When she came back, her new roommate properly introduced herself.
"hey, I am Scarlet a final year student studying marketing"
She was glad, at least things will be smooth between them.
Scarlet informed her that they will be locking the room by 9pm, she advised her to be back on or before the scheduled time.
She was surprised why 9pm that's too early. She asked her what if any of them comes back after 9pm.
"the person will have to sleep outside" Scarlet answered nonchalantly.
Advising her of the dangers of staying out late, that the scheduled time will help her.
She tired to talk her into shifting the time or reconsider the rule. Scarlet refused and told her that was the final.

Peggy was outside chatting with her friends forgetting to check her time. When she remembered she checked it was already pass 10pm, she shouted and ran to her room.
When she got to her room it was locked, she peeped through the window and saw Scarlet reading.
She was glad, she called her to open the door.
She heard Scarlet laugh, she waited for some time thinking Scarlet was going to open the door but she didn't.
She was so pained, she had to go to one of her friends room to sleep.

One day, Scarlet went for a church program which was supposed to end by 8:40pm but the prayers was extended.
She came back by 9:30pm, she checked her room the door was locked.
She was filled with regrets, she called Peggy pleaded her to open the door.
Peggy told her to sleep elsewhere that a rule is a rule.

The next morning Peggy opened the door to see Scarlet shivering on the floor, she was shocked.
She touched her, her body was so cold.
With fear she rushed her to the hospital.


"hey Peggy thanks a lot for bringing me here" Scarlet said as she opened her eyes and saw Peggy sitting close to her.
"now we will have to change the rules right?" Peggy asked smiling.

Thanks for reading.

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