The inherited curse

The citizens of Picador were experiencing some kind of plague, it was extremely contagious and had just recently begun and people were losing their lives in matter of weeks after getting the infection.
Some conspiracy theorists believed it was an experiment in order to reduce the population others called it an outbreak, the religious one's called it a punishment from God while the atheistic one's believed there was a logical explanation behind it all but i never believed in any of these, how could i when i knew what was behind it all?, i knew it was the curse that was laid many years ago.

When i was just a little niña, my abuelita told me a really scary story of the girl who cursed the whole town after she was framed by the mayor's daughter, Cathleen, who was jealous of her beauty.

Cathleen was a very spoilt child who always got whatever she wanted from her father the mayor and never liked being second to anyone in anything, her brother Paul on the other hand was a very humble and well behaved young man who happened to be in love with Selena, a simple girl who lived with her mother, an honest trader.

The town as at then was at conflict with it's neighbor town and paul was to go in his father's stead to reach a peaceful arrangement with them but before he left, he gave Selena who he'd been courting in secret, a very beautiful necklace to remember him by until he comes back.


Cathleen who hated Selena for her superior beauty, saw the necklace on her during the period that Paul, her brother was away and wanted it to herself but she knew there was no way selena would give it to her so she went to manipulate her father, accusing the innocent girl of witchcraft and theft claiming that the jewelry she had was her own which she had locked in a safe in her room. Selena and her mother had been good to the whole community all along but the mayor conived with his daughter and planted witch items inside Selena's room, collected the jewelry from her and sentenced her to be set ablaze for witchcraft.


While the young girl was imprisoned she denied knowing anything about witchcraft and confessed that the piece was a gift from paul who was courting her and by then he had arrived from his trip but he denied Selena's claims in order to protect his family's status so they had Selena's mother banished although she pleaded that they were innocent but all to no avail.

Before she gave up the ghost, Selena cursed the whole town to experience what she did until what belonged to her was rightfully returned, they didn't take it seriously but every twenty years, the curse haunted the people if Picador and was inherited by the same families that condemned her on that day and every one around them until this day because the Jewelry was never returned.

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