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It's 2071, the world collapsed due to global bankruptcy in the year 2040, The most powerful World Governments fell, violence, savagery and anarchy reigned all over for it was now the scavengers world, this went on for years while humanity thought they had seen it all until the year 2047, when an airborne flu broke out on earth, people started developing dry skin, intense hunger, fever, hallucinations, even weird appetites in some and it spread through out the globe within 1 month of the outbreak. luckily, cure for the flu was found and distributed airborne by the crippled governments that remained but something else happened, all of the people who died after taking the vaccine started coming back to life ,not as humans,they all came back to life brain dead, brain hungry, they all came back as...The Undead.

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Switching arrows and taking them down one by one, the undead ran towards Dave and Fiona like violent “schools of fishes”, after their brains, they both stood side by side in the open alley helping themselves to each other's quiver, this wasn't the plan they thought, it was supposed to be a clean job, their mission was to get more food in an abandoned wall mart store and that had just gone south.they were panting as they ran with the supplies they could grab, they took shelter in what looked like it used to be a restaurant, "i know of a way out, lets head to the top of the building" Dave confidently said to her as they quickly ran upstairs, the undead after them were already crowded at the front door of the building they were in, banging and scratching, it was only a matter of time before they forced through. Upon getting upstairs, fiona stuck a rod she picked by the door through the door handles,“this will buy us some time, so what's your plan genius” she asked but then it hit her "Dave!" calling his attention from whatever he seemed to be looking around for "yeah?" he asked back in a response "dave the rod I used in holding the door was by the door " "i know newbie, i kinda saw you pick it up" sarcasm was one his favourite delights, "no you idiot,this is no joke,the rod by the door, it was right by the door dave" this was when dave caught on to what she'd meant the whole time he'd been too distracted to observe "it's a trap" someone wanted them to be there "we gotta get out of here quick!!" he said as he stopped by the edge of the rooftop, there was an old ladder there "ladies first" he pointed to the ladder and stretched his hand in demand for her supply bagpack " look who's s being chivalrous today" she teased and then asked him "dave ,you've been here before haven't you?" but he couldn't reply fiona, "you never want to talk to me about your past" still trying to figure out what he wasn't saying, they hear a loud bang on the restrained door, the undead from the ground floor somehow managed to make it up to the rooftop, "we'll talk about this later fiona, as of now, if luck is on our side we won't run into anything else today but when did we ever depend on luck huh?" he said to fiona who then started making her way down the ladder "hand me my bagpack" she requested, as he gave it to her they both heard a growl coming from the corner, an undead slowly stepped out of the shadows with three more behind it,it looked like an old one and they all had red eyes.

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"warrior" is what they were called, they looked more human than the rest, like the alpha to a pack, any undead that has survived for more than 10 years on a steady and stable human brain diet would have that look, that look that entails a sense of self consciousness, experience and merciless.

They had fallen for a trap, the warrior undead liked to hunt, they use the regular undead they command and put their preys where they want them " of all the undead to meet on a Friday morning run i get a warrior, such luck huh?", he sighed, " here fiona take my supply and dont look back for any reason I'll take care of this situation while you get the supplies back home" fiona opposed the idea " you're really gonna fight right now? i'm sure we can outrun them together if we try?" in her eyes showed a kind of concern that seemed really familiar to dave, yes, that look , he'd seen it before, last person he saw with that same look in the eyes was his dead fiancee serena.

The undead advanced three steps toward dave and stopped, the regular ones stayed back, it was a call back for his attention, this one wasn't really hungry, just wanted a good fight that dave planned on giving. but first, he had to get fiona out of there, not for her safety though, rather for his, she'd threatened to shank him in his sleep the next time he was to stain her power suit with blood.

"fiona i promise you i'll catch up as soon as possible okay? just stick to the secret path back to the district ,i'll be 5 minutes behind you if our dear friend doesn't impress me" he said bringing out his military knife to face the advancing monster "be careful" she said as she descended "I'd be more worried about myself and the supplies if I was in your shoes newbie, don't worry I'm a big boy please just go " anyone present would've known that these two either had chemistry in the past or in the present "okay, okay, I'm going...oh and Dave before I forget, the next time you call me a newbie, I'm gonna be keeping that tongue and not in a good way" said smiling as she left, dave was left speechless. he then turned back to his red eyed company "sorry about the delay my friends, that woman gives me chills i swear " as he ran forward with his knife on his right hand, the creature too, the same with its claws spread wide, ready to attack.

Daves and fiona's subconscious carefree nature in the face of danger explained. After the world collapse and the rise of the undead befell, a new world order was created, each continent provided a representative for a council meeting to device means to tackle the proverbial elephant in the room, the population of the earth had already been reduced to a struggling fourty percent by the time this happened. The solution which the council of minds established districts all over the globe, along with a defense system against the undead, they called them "the shadowers" led by a top assasin named Ken zuiga. As the name implies, the shadowers was a "secret" organisation comprised of assasins, all trained from infantry to be fast-stealth-killers who work in the shadows against the lurking monsters that terrorized the people, their help during the fightback stabilized defence in the districts, helped increased food supply runs therefore increased food supply, this group also aided the creation of more districts and created a very strict and accountable juduciary system that put the world in motion again. David and fiona both belonged to this highly trained group, fiona was one of the most skilled youngest and fastest high ranked students of her batch at the age of 25 and had just been recently transferred from her district to assist in the expansion of the European district. Dave on the other hand, was the only son to the head of the shadowers, Ken Zuiga, who had personally trained him from the age of six, by the time David Zuiga turned eleven he'd already killed 76 undead and 5 warriors.

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