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The ink well prompt #49- Lonely night

This is a story about two lovers that felt in love again.
Tolu was man of so many thoughts, he hardly have time for his self, he was always busy with is career facing is goal in life, trying to make is destiny comes out good. Tolu had a lover name funke but he hardly spend time with her do to is job and some other things about is self, is family hardly see him he didn't even have time for any he do what that keep him happy. Funke his lover feel lonely, needed attention, needed love but Tolu was not there. she feel she was not special to tolu, but the love that funke have for tolu she always want the best for him always support tolu decision, trying to make things work between them but all her trial Tolu didn't have her time.



Funke decided to surprise Tolu on is birthday maybe she could meet him and try and make things right between them, on that faithful day been Tolu birthday, funke have to call him and wish him a happy birthday, Tolu was happy because he thought she won't call do to the lake of attention he couldn't show her. they talk and laugh on phone, Tolu decided to tell funke should prepare something nice and delicious that he will be coming at night to celebrate the birthday with her, funke was happy, been excited that she will spend time with her man and have and amazing night with the one she love.

On that faithful night when funke was done with the preparing of meal and some other romantic things, she decided to call Tolu but Tolu was not picking up the call, she call several times but Tolu was not taking is calls, she felt lonely that night and heart broken, she felt she not in love again, she felt lonely through out the night, she cry all through the night, she couldn't sleep. it was in the morning when to Tolu decided to go and see her and explain why he couldn't come, on getting there, when funke show him she felt she could run but she decided to stay and listen to is excuses. Tolu stated apologizing to funke saying is work could not let him be here lass night. Funke new that is what he as to say!! she told Tolu that is over between us!!! all she wanted was care, attention and having a night with him on his birthday. she cry and left, Tolu try to beg her but all is trying was in vain. Tolu blame is self that he need to adjust something's in is life he have pay attention to is career than people around him.

The story talk about the two lovers that couldn't stay do to lack of attention.

Thanks for reading.

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