What will you do when they are here?

Uncle Richie, I never liked him for a single day.

His greedy attitude has made the family members not like him except for uncle Stone who joins hands with uncle Richie to carry out their evil plans so that they are always together.

Daddy has been the one managing grandpa's farm since grandpa passed away.

The farm is located 30km away from the city, the farm is made up of different departments but grandpa was the only one who could manage the farm effectively ensuring that every sector is functional but since he passed away Dad has been trying his best to see that he do exactly as grandpa has been doing but the magic remained with grandpa as no one knows how he manages to do all those things.

But Dad made sure that the livestock department is still functional because that is one part where Dad focused more attention while grandpa was still alive so he was good at rearing cattle even more than the crops, flowers(horticulture) and fish farming.

Uncle Richie has never been happy that Dad was the custodian of the farm; his wicked and nonchalant attitude will not even allow grandpa to will any part of the farm to him.

His goal was gradually coming to pass when he discovered Dad was critically ill and that it would be very difficult for Dad to survive the sickness.

Dad was suffering from pneumonia as a result of exposure to the cold weather on the farm.

With no time Dad passed away leaving just me and the few workers on the farm.

Most of the laborers decided to resign from the work knowing fully the person that is coming to take over the farm.

Put all the cats away uncle Richie's first command, sir there is a reason why these cats are kept a worker tried to explain but uncle Richie hates cats so much that he did not even one why the cats are there.

All the cats on the farm were killed, uncle Richie never knew there is what we call the full moon and this full moon comes with a surprise as wolves appear from nowhere. The cats were the reason why that farm has stayed that long in that part of the forest.



After killing the cats most of the laborers, knowing the danger attached to staying there, decided to tender their resignation also.

It was just a few who had nothing to do that decided to stay back.

He tried to manage the farm until the moon appeared, I counted days on the day the moon will be full. I decided to move from the farm to the family house.

I left at night on my way out of the farm. I could hear some sounds from the bush part "THEY'RE HERE", I said to myself.

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