Treating the lazy young ones right (picnic)


It's time to go grandpa shouted, Jake and Jane excitedly ran out of the house fully dressed in nice wears.
But the excitement turned into Something else as they both stood in awe.
After a long stare at grandpa. Jane decided to ask, but grandpa you said we are going for a picnic? Yes, we are grandpa replied.
Again she asked, then what is the truck doing outside the garage instead of the BMW?
Yes, we will not be using the BMW because the area for the picnic is not all that nice.
Again she asked what are we needing shovel, hoe, and cutlass for?
Just to make where we will be staying look nice grandpa responded.

Jake turned to his grandma who just stood smiling at them.
Grandma do you have any idea where this will happen?
The answer lies with your grandpa she replied.
Little did the kids knew that grandpa's farm is their venue for the picnic.
They had swerved their ways out whenever they are asked to go to the farm, so grandpa used this medium to lure them into the game.
Its time to go they hurriedly jumped into the car and their next destination was grandpa's farm.
Jane being inquisitive she again asked but grandpa this is your maize farm, how can a picnic happen on a farm? Yes, we all are going to have a wonderful time working on the farm. And no more questions.
Change those good clothes of yours into something else I brought clothes with which you can use to work on the farm.
What a picnic, they reluctantly changed into farm clothes as they helped in the farming activities.
Jane mumbled words that could hardly be heard, I cant wait to go home.

Soon their Granpa teasing, are you both enjoying your picnic? NO, Jane replied angrily.
If this is how picnics are done then this will be the last one I will ever partake in.

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